Thoughts about God

Dear Diary, 

Thoughts to my Father…

Lord, help me to never get so desperate that I settle for thrash, that I settle for less than your will. 

Lord, thank you for not letting me be blind, thank you for opening my eyes to always see the truth: Your truth in the midst of the world’s lies. 

Thank you for the strength to choose your will over and over again. 

Thank you for upholding me, for keeping me from falling. 

The chapter of ever settling for less in my life is closed forever. 

I will no longer be confused, I will no longer be shaken, my resolve is steadfast and unmovable in Christ. 

I will no longer be distracted or carried away by falsity. 

I look unto you Jesus, you’re my focus and my truth.

Love and Grace, 

Zizi 💙

1 thought on “Dear Diary, ”

  1. Yes ! There are millions of things in the universe beyond human comprehension and control.
    We need to deliberately choose to key into the wisdom of God through regular study and understanding of His word. Having experiential knowledge through daily application to our lives make an appreciable difference.
    Keep ur focus on the living word and ur trust in Him who is :The Way the Truth and the Life.

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