Love and Life

The Love & Friendship Mix

When love is introduced into friendship, one of two things happen; depending on the mutualism of the love.

1. The Friendship becomes stronger, closer and more intimate (not physically, but emotionally).

2. The Friendship waxes cold, fizzles out and both parties become strangers.

This is a risk, but is it worthwhile? That’s the question to ask yourself.

Everything in the existence of man is a risk.

What is life without risks? It’s shallow, vain, full of regrets (you end up asking, wondering about a lot of what ifs???)…

Life becomes all the more worth it when we’re willing to take risks, and break free from the confinements of our fears.

Friendship makes love more beautiful, easier…

With friendship, love becomes as easy as breathing in fresh air, bringing a dash of sunshine into your life.

Love and friendship is the perfect cocktail blend to a happy life.

One worth any risks.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2019❤️💙

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