Thoughts about God


In the middle of everyday life, in the hustle and bustle, amidst the vast activities that occupy our daily lives, God does something to make us pause and be still, if even for a while…

Just like God did with Moses, in the scriptures using the burning bush. Moses was drawn to a bush on fire, nothing remarkable about that, except that it wasn’t consumed, the leaves and branches and every part was on flames but it didn’t burn to ashes…

Our lives serve only one purpose; to please Him

We serve a God that is very creative and dramatic, and in a bid to help us re-prioritize, reprogram our lives, refocus our attention unto something more important, away from your busy life, he makes you want to stop and wonder, to listen and seek him out, find out what he’s doing, most importantly, what he’ll rather have us do, he wants you amazed and awe-struck.

We live life forgetting, not all together ignorant of the most important fact; that our lives serve only one purpose; TO PLEASE HIM, and nothing else we do that keep us busy and occupied matters.

Everything outside of pleasing him is simply vanity, doesn’t count, it’s simply existing rather than living. WE LIVE FOR HIM. Let God ignite in you a fire that’s unquenchable, a heart that burns for him.

Love and Grace,

Ā© Zizi 2019šŸ”„

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