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Living Life Trusting God

Lessons about God are brought about by life’s experiences. Experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. It’s amazing learning about Him through mundane, everyday situations. It’s a fun way to grow… Experiencing life with God.

Have you ever thought about it, the possibility, that the very thing you’re running away from, and so desperately trying to avoid, just might be God’s will for you?

That’s my story, a life lesson I learnt over a year ago. I was so scared of a mandate presented before me, and in my own human wisdom, I sought ways to manipulate the situation, to what I thought would be to my advantage. I was getting myself out of His will, further away from a predestined path and I paid the price.

I learnt the hard way that you just can’t fight the will of God. Try hard as you may, choosing His permissive will against His perfect will has its consequences. God gives us the power of choice, He would never force His will, His way upon you. However, there are times when His will prevails, when no matter what you do, you’d find your way back to the very thing you ran away from. An example of this is with the famous story of Jonah in the Bible.

Rather than manipulate your way through life, commit your ways to God, He’ll guide you and things will work out the way they’re designed to be, according to His will.

Man’s own ingenuity, manipulations and craftiness might be more to his disadvantage and detriment than his good…

We as humans are limited in foresight, we can’t see very far ahead, yet we try to get ahead of ourselves and play God over our own lives. We sit in the drivers’ seat, relegating God to the back seat, feeling pretty confident we can successfully steer the wheel of our life’s course😂.

Imagine the folly in that🙈, when you can’t even see the end of the road, but you have someone who has already gone through that road. You can’t even see the full picture, He has the map of your life in His hands.

You only have one life, you don’t get a second one and this life is everyone’s first. So why not trust in the eternal, immortal one who is and sees the beginning and the end of all life.

He does work in mysterious ways. His thoughts are far higher than ours, and we may never fully understand it.

God is very systematic in His workings. He reveals His plans step by step to us, like pieces of a puzzle. He doesn’t show us all the cards He holds in His hands. He plays one hand at a time. Even if we may not understand, He often grants us understanding in due time.

Most times, we find ourselves asking God this one question: Dear God, heavenly Father, what are you doing?

The response that comes is this: TRUST ME.

Trust God, He looks out for your best, He definitely always Has your best interest at heart. He equips you with the grace to excel in everything He places you in…

P.S: It turned out the thing I was scared and dreadful of, turned out to be good and perfect for me, at first I tried to deny the good in it, my sight and perception blinded by my pessimism about it.
Many times, our thoughts and mindset, can be in the way of what is actually good for us…
With my thought patterns changed, I finally saw the good in it…

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Love and Grace,



3 thoughts on “Living Life Trusting God”

  1. Reading this post brought me face to face with many of these exact same issue I had to learn throughout the years as well, and the pain it brings with it. I am still learning in many areas to completely let go and trust God!

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