Depression: Numb

I remember when it was announced a few years back, that famous Rockstar and lead vocalist of rock band Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, had allegedly committed suicide. It came as a worldwide shock, and the lyrics to one of their hit song “Numb”, took on a deeper and whole new meaning.

A while back as well, it was announced that Rockstar Demi Lovato had an episode where she OD’d (overdosed), thankfully she survived. I remember her song “Sober” shortly before the episode, chronicling her struggles. Reality then dawns that celebrities are still human, they experience normal people problems and then some…

A Silent killer many have overlooked, casually dismissed and taken for granted.
A Struggle, a constant battle for many than we think, capable of driving a person’s mind towards suicidal thoughts and subsequently an early grave.

It’s a myth, that black people don’t suffer from things such as depression, that it’s a white man’s disease… *laughs* (it’s actually not funny).

So many suffer from either “psychological or clinical depression” and don’t even know it or want to accept it. Many thus require some form of therapy: counseling, behavioral therapy, or pharmacological (use of drugs such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers etc).

Sufferers often are ignorant or simply want to hide the truth from themselves and the world, probably afraid of stigmatization, rejection or further trauma.

Depression has been given the wrong notion, trivialized, and casually thought of as experiencing bouts, characterized by feelings of sadness and despair, severe depression goes way beyond that.
Some might think depression is a condition that signifies emotional weakness as opposed to strength, that only the weak-minded suffer from it, that might be what the world chooses to believe…

Behind depression, lies a world of emotional wounds, unhealed scars (healed only on the surface but not internally), hurts, fears, insecurities and traumas of all sort (past or present); these traumas could be from childhood (like divorce, separation, molestation, physical and sexual abuse, bullying, body-shaming etc).

Not getting past any of this pain, or healing from it leads to a whole new world of pain and hurt, in the form of addictions; I’ve always thought of addictions as means of escapism (a way to avoid reality and dwell on fantasy). These include; pornography, Sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking etc (all in an attempt to numb/quiet the pain).
All pain need a healthy form of expression (unhealthy expression in form of addictions worsen the pain).
I believe that addictions often have a trigger, it’s usually a coping mechanism to block the pain, like an analgesic balm…

Triggered when an emotional wound is poked, Stabbing at a wound that’s barely begun to heal, scar tissues running so deep, healing had only taken place on a superficial level…

In worst case scenarios, depression can turn a person into the very thing they fear the most, that they’re hurting from if left untreated. For example, the abused becoming an abuser.

I’m not going to go all religious and say Jesus is the answer and all you need. Yes He is, He does heal emotional wounds (if you let Him) and He heals our scars of the past (you know you’re healed when the memory of it, when talking about it no longer hurts or brings you pain).

Humanly speaking, help is also needed and available. Such as a professional counselor to confide in… Perhaps, clinical intervention as well.

Working through the pain makes the path to healing a whole lot easier. Confronting it, rather than denying or being ashamed of it.
Embracing the hurt, the weakness, and growing through it to gain strength…

Behind the words, “I’m fine”, lies a world of untold stories… People hide so much behind their smiles having developed diverse coping mechanisms…

Behind people’s smiles for the camera, is often so much pain masked by pretense…
Life ain’t always the perfect picture people paint for us to see…

Love and Grace,

©Zizi 2019❤️💙


9 thoughts on “Depression: Numb”

  1. Thank you Dara.

    I have also found that depression can be caused by certain factors. But two of those factors are more prominent.

    They are: depression due to a permanent loss e.g the death of a loved one; and depression due to a delay or disappointment e.g delay in getting married, having a child, getting a job, getting admission to the university, etc.

    But no matter the cause of the depression, there’s one thing that can play a big role towards healing. And that is FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON TO SHARE YOUR FEELINGS WITH.

    Openness is key to healing from depression.

    Thanks once again, Dara. You are doing great.

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  2. Good talk again. Well, as far as depression is concerned I think everyone need a confidant that one can talk to on anything that poses as a concern. The person could be a spouse, friend, counsellor, a parent, sibling etc. Because it’s when you think that you’re alone on the issue that depression can set in.

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