Why I Only Started Blogging now

I’ve always loved to write, at least as far back as a teenager. Often outspoken, I loved public speaking.

Over the years, I evolved into writing. I became more comfortable with written words than verbal communication.

As a teenager, I only wrote when I had to, or was given a public speaking assignment or mandate.

Then I found Jesus, or rather, He found me. This was when I discovered Journaling. It became my safe haven, a safety net for me. To pour my thoughts and express myself. Everything I am. Gradually, I stopped public speaking and did more of writing.

At first, all my journal entries were just personal experiences of my daily life, the ones that stuck out to me anyway. Things I wanted to remember…

It evolved into actively listening, using it as a tool to hear God teach me and express Himself to me in my daily life and mundane activities. My writing became more of things God inspired me about.

Now, I write about anything and everything. Not wanting or willing to be boxed in. I love to write about God and the Bible, relationships, and life in general. I’ve been asked why I seldom write on health as a Healthcare professional, well, watch out for that.

A request came at a time to become a weekly Writer for a publication. I refused because I couldn’t “make” myself write. I hadn’t quite figured out a rhythm to my writing, it was seasonal. I didn’t know how to write on demand or request, I simply waited for the inspiration to flow…

When it came, it felt like a pressing urge that needed an outlet to pour, thus I always had to have some form of writing material with me everywhere I go, writing on anything available, from my journal, to a piece of paper and my phone.

The first step to sharing my writing with the world, began on my personal Facebook page. That’s my longest and most active social media platform. For years I wrote, often getting compliments and a few shares here and there.

Then the suggestions started coming to start a blog. I resisted for a long time as it felt so cliche. Everybody was doing it, so I didn’t want to. I’m stubborn in a way that I love to go against the norm, against the crowd. I seek to go along the path less traveled, to not do what others, what everyone else is doing. To not do a thing simply because the whole world is doing it. I needed a bigger reason, a stronger conviction. A “WHY” that would serve as an anchor for my soul. That would keep me steady and afloat.

I took the first leap to open a WordPress account last year, but didn’t know what to do with it or how to go about it. It lied dormant, empty and fallow. I knew it was desperately crying for me to breathe life into it with my words but didn’t know why.

It took a major life change to give me a paradigm shift. I guess that was what I needed; a jolt, some sort of push. Then I felt it clearly in my soul and spirit, I heard it drop within my soul. I had finally found my “WHY” and I knew how to begin…

Often I wonder, what would life be like without words with which to express ourselves?

I imagine it’ll be stifling, choking…

Breathe words…

Love and Grace,

ยฉ Zizi 2019

7 thoughts on “Why I Only Started Blogging now”

  1. I always wanted to ask why you didn’t start sooner but I felt it was too personal a question to ask or I figured you where somehow going to share that secret with us. I guess my later intuition was right.
    Thanks for sharing the start of your journey with us, I hope to read more of your progress as you go further into this amazing journey.

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  2. Yeah, I have always looked forward to seeing you become a blogger, a good and successful one at that because of your skill in writing. Well done dear, keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

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