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What is The Ideal and Perfect Job? Smart Work Vs Hard Work

I used to think there was nothing of such, but I’ve been proven wrong.

You might think what makes a job perfect would be the monetary renumeration, working conditions, perks and benefits, and you’ll be right. But that’s not all there is to it.

The Ideal job is one that brings forth opportunities to advance, learn, is a source of joy, and brings with it a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

One you love to go to, not one you dread waking up to, or one you constantly countdown to the closing hour.

“You have work inside you, yet you’re looking for work”.

The above line from a movie struck a cord in my heart…

I’d often wondered what the joy of working is. Then I realized why humans work.

While not everyone does it for the joy of it,
There’s just something fulfilling about getting paid for your time, and for adding value.

Granted, some see their occupation as more or less a form of slavery, or just a necessary evil in order to survive.

But the true purpose of work is fulfillment. An occupation not achieving that, is a purpose defeated.

I’ve found that, the human mind and body craves some form of activity or the other, on a regular and consistent basis.

The mind needs to be constantly occupied with something. Hence, your occupation.

If it’s idle or you don’t actively engage it, it wanders into all sorts of unprofitable ventures, it becomes the Devil’s playground.

So what do you occupy your mind and time with? Do You spend all your time working for someone that you don’t have time to work on your dream?

A job that takes you away from God, from fulfilling your dreams and purposes…

A job should be a means to an end, not an end in itself…

So What is the ideal and perfect job? I would say one that brings you peace of mind, centers you in God’s will and purpose for your life…

“Hard work means putting in a lot of time and effort doing a certain amount of work. Whereas, smart work means spending less amount of time performing the same amount of work. Hard work aims at the quantity and may become monotonous and boring after a certain period. Smart work aims at achieving goals with quality”.

Anish Passi

Work is a service of some kind to others, to humanity. But it should be enjoyed. Beyond the need to work hard, is the need to work smart. There’s a difference and it should be noted.

Some believe hard work refers to physical labour, while smart Work regards mental labour. The former a “blue collar” type of job, the latter a “white collar” type of job. A case of flexing physical muscles vs brain cells.

Personally, I believe smart Work is one that gives you lots of ROIs (Returns On Investments) for your labour; financially, emotionally, psychologically, mentally.

My Mantra is: WORK, SAVE and INVEST.

In everything in life, balance is key. It’s one of my core values. Hard work needs to be balanced with smart work.

Purely hard work is when all your work is affording for you is liabilities; especially ones that need constant maintenance (house rent, expensive car, luxurious lifestyle etc).

Most times this is working for someone else, not really for your benefit or personal gain.

A situation where your house rent costs about 6 months salary, that’s working for your landlord, or where you get a car loan for an expensive car that requires constant mechanical service, you’re working for the mechanic, or living a luxurious lifestyle that’s above your pay check or pay grade, you’re working for those vendors…

A huge chunk of adulting, is learning financial responsibility, gaining financial wisdom and basically becoming financially intelligent.


When at the end of the day, you have little or nothing to show forth for your work in terms of savings, assets and/or investments.

Hard work alone could leave a person in debt, with an empty feeling and dissatisfaction.

The goal should be to work hard and smart.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2019


7 thoughts on “What is The Ideal and Perfect Job? Smart Work Vs Hard Work”

  1. Work hard smartly is the thing. That is, while putting your effort apply some tactics to enable you achieve your goals and dreams. That is where savings, investments and planning come in.
    Work, upgrade yourself and change to something that produces more financial reward that enables you to plan for a better future. Work hard smartly!

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