Love and Life, Thankful Series

A Healthy Way to Move on

To look at it with Thanksgiving and gratitude.

That’s the healthy way to grieve and move on.

To avoid a damaging psyche.

To not dwell on the negatives, as it leaves you stuck in and stuck on the past.

To focus on the positives instead. But that doesn’t mean fantasying, about what could be and have been…

There’s a distinction.

To get to a point where when thoughts of the past come up, you’re not filled with hate and resentment from the bile rising in your gut.

Instead, to be able to say this;

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God” (Philippians 1:3 NLT).

Doesn’t always sound easy or plausible, especially when the bad memories are the ones easily called to mind, when they’re more than the good and over shadow them.

But this has to be a conscious decision and effort. It isn’t automatic, doesn’t work or happen that way.

“Memories are a choice” – Rick Warren.

I’ve discovered that the human mind is so incredibly powerful.

Ever heard of the term “selective amnesia” – a condition where a person forgets certain bits and pieces of their past.

This can be tricky though.

It’s saying;

“I distinctly remember forgetting that”.

This however, isn’t a state of delusion or denial of certain experiences.

Rather, it’s a positive mindset that allows for adequate thought processing into wholeness and wellness.

The goal is: peace of mind and sanity.

Really, this is a choice between being bitter or better, sad or happy.

I say choose happy.

I choose to be happy.

Nothing is worth the loss of that. Protect and guard it.

“Live life, love life, enjoy life”

– Zizi

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2019.

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