Life Lessons

5 Tips on How to Handle Hypocrites and Toxic people

Not seeing the need for much of a preamble, I’d go straight, head-on to the tips. They’re as follows:

  1. Setting personal and professional boundaries: know how and where to draw the line.
    Avoiding over-familiarity when necessary, keeping from over-sharing personal information…
  2. Being firm, and assertive about your principles:
    The world literally doesn’t accommodate being fragile, or weak-minded.
    Only the strong-willed survive, or you might get fed to the sharks.A wise man once told me:

    “Humility isn’t tantamount to subjectivity”

  3. Shunning gossip and back bites: every form of jesting, and evil speaking.

    Practical steps:

    – Diffuse the conversation; like taking the circuit out of a bomb, the best way is to stay silent and slowly your disinterest will be registered by the other party.

    No fuel, no fire. It’s a no-brainer.

    – Resist the temptation to chip in and comment.
    Empty barrels make the loudest noise yeah?

    “For in the multitude of speech, one is highly prone to error”.

  4. Discerning friend or foe: wisdom need be applied.
    Take your time to study individuals rather than jump into association…
    Knowing who to put at arm’s length, keeping it strictly professional, and who you embrace friendship with.Mixed signals; a way to recognize frenemies (one who poses as both a friend and an enemy).
  5. Keeping the peace and being diplomatic.

The Bible says:

As much as it lies with you, be at peace with all men”.

Respecting individuals, staying polite and courteous… All in the attempt to keep a sane environment/workspace.

Compromising your values to keep the peace? Strong No!

“If you do not stand for the truth of your beliefs, you will fall the lies of hypocrisy”.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2019

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