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Multitasking; A Woman’s Superpower?

I always feel like wonder woman (my all-time favorite female superhero) whenever I successfully manage to multitask.

Photo Credit: ScreenCrush

Yeah, multitasking just doesn’t come easy for me.

Its a notion that multitasking is every woman’s superpower. That we’re naturally gifted in that area. Endued with some form of supernatural strength and ability to handle a thousand things at once. I try to do it, to juggle a bunch of things together like a juggler that I’m not, sometimes I succeed, other times I fail woefully and end up looking like a clown.

The world celebrates it when you got your act together. Its applauded to be a jack of all trade and actually be a master of all. But this is something I personally struggle with achieving daily. It’s called being a ‘grown up’. A responsible adult; successfully adulting, even if you end up being spread too thinly or coming up with mediocre results.

It’s just the hype these days to be multiple things in one person. Be an actor, model, singer, dancer etc… all at the same time. ‘Do it all, Be it all’. Honestly, it does seem and sound very cool and some do manage to pull such off all flawlessly and excellently. Its very great, but some don’t. Some excel flawlessly by focusing on being or doing one thing (at a time). I would say, be true to yourself. Against the hype, know your strengths and weaknesses. Maximizing the strengths while working on the weaknesses. Follow the path(s) where you shine best and brightest, be it multi-tasking or single-focused. As we know, life is a ying-yang balance. Everything has its pros and cons; ours is to weigh them and find that which yields the best value and profits.

I feel less feminine in that regard because, on the path and journey of self-discovery (one I’m not sure would ever end, as we keep evolving everyday as humans; changing in diverse ways, we learn new things about ourselves), I discovered that I think like a man when it comes to handling tasks. I’m more single-focused. Preferring to focus on a task at a time. Might be a strength or a weakness, still yet to decipher that for a fact. Like a dog with a bone, once I bite hard, I don’t let go till I’m done.

Life for me I’ve always believed to be an everyday learning adventure. Where we constantly need to learn, unlearn and relearn things. I’m learning that multitasking is a very useful life skill both domestically and corporately. The human mind, being so powerful that its able to adapt to change. I think that is every human’s superpower: ADAPTABILITY (the power to push the mind and break its limits. Essentially becoming limitless.)

You would never know how far you can go until you demand it of yourself. Surprised by your own capabilities, brings you immense joy and satisfaction, a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

Are you a good multitasker? What’s multitasking like for you as a special life skill?


2 thoughts on “Multitasking; A Woman’s Superpower?”

  1. Yeah, as a woman there is the need to multi task in order to be able to handle and cope well with house chores, children, self and husband’s attention, etc. One really need to put up a good mind towards these things else trouble.

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