Beauty Is Only Skin-Deep

In a world obsessed with beautiful, flawless, perfect, glowing skin, I wonder if beauty is only indeed skin deep.

I’m beginning to wonder myself and pay more attention to skincare more than I ever have before. Owing to some external influencing factors in my environment though. I’m more skin conscious or skin aware. Daily I look at my reflection, often I pay attention to facial features I used to ignore, I look at old pictures and compare the differences over time, past and present looks… Natural and made up…

I’d be sharing so far my thoughts on skincare as I’m evolving to become more cosmetically inclined.

As a young black woman of a naturally lighter complexion, growing up, I never did bother much about skin care.

In Fact, I was ignorant of anything regarding that. My skin oft evened itself out over time without me having to do much of anything, I’d not even use body lotion, it was that bad…

Whenever I had skin blemishes like acne, blackheads and stuff… They usually came and went on their own…

Right now, seems life is trying to teach me some lessons or stress is just getting to me, or maybe it’s the environment and it’s harsh weather conditions… Whatever it actually is, I’m now more aware of feminine skincare than I’ve ever been before…

Skin care has been deemed as more of a feminine thing, with men not wanting to bother, doing the whole ‘rub and shine’…

I’d say men are so lucky… As for me, I think I’ve just gotten to that stage of womanhood/adulthood where I have to be deliberate about my skin care because it’s just not going to take care of itself for me anymore…

First step to healthy skin care:

  • Develop a routine. Consistency is what matters a lot. Most expect an overnight result, some products falsely promise such but it doesn’t work like that.

A daily routine skin care is divided into two:

  1. The Day/Morning routine and
  2. The Night time routine.

Doing whatever you decide to do religiously is what would mostly guarantee results…

  • Do your due diligence of product research. Check and read the labels particularly the active ingredients. This is to determine what is helpful and beneficial. For example, kojic acid and carrot have been regarded as natural skin lighteners just as cosmetic products with salicylic acid are recommended to be good for acne problems, or glycolic acid for hyperpigmentation (dark spots). In the same vein, some of those ingredients might be too harsh for your skin and give you a bad reaction, and some have been banned or deemed harmful by regulatory agencies such as hydroquinone, parabens, etc…

For people of colour who mostly bother about skin tone and complexion, there’s just this wide range, a myriad of products that you can actually get lost in the swamp or sea of them…

It’s easy to get confused with the world of cosmetics… With products having labels such as “Brightening”, “Lightening” and “Whitening” all promising better skin tone and complexion, I mean the first too don’t scare me but the last one does.

Like Why would I want to whiten up? It’s like basically or essentially changing who I am? From the way God created me to be. Excuse me, I ain’t judging, No I’m not…

It’s just more complicated for women what with the hormonal variance. Hormones are responsible for a lot of acne breakouts in women, and that’s just a natural cause that is difficult to fight off…

As a pharmacist, the world of drugs varies widely in comparison with cosmetics…

For one, there aren’t as many product varieties… Or options. When it comes to illnesses, there’s often a gold standard, a drug of choice which is mostly guaranteed to work and be effective based on its mechanism of action. Whereas with cosmetics, things are mostly done by trial and error, a case where a person keeps trying different products till they got a choice product that gives the best results or that is most compatible with their skin.

What are your thoughts on skincare? Is it still regarded as a gender thing?

How are you coping with skincare? Have you found what works best for you, or are you currently experimenting?

Where do you think professional advice comes in with regards to a cosmetologist, beautician or aesthetician?

As much as we invest in skin beauty, I’d really love we all invest in a little bit more of ourselves… Like there’s really just so much more else… It’s great to look good on the outside and on the inside… Deviating from our natural, vain , narcissistic tendencies as humans and evolving to become so much more that we can be. Upholding higher standards than those set by society, by the world or regarded as a norm.

For we are so much more… As always, I’m a proponent of balance…

Glow in Grace,

© Zizi 2019.

2 thoughts on “Beauty Is Only Skin-Deep”

  1. Skin colour is more of a scientific thing that people need to understand, just like you visit a general medical practitioner for ailment. Most importantly, having a high self-esteem will help you to embrace the pigmentation you’re endowed with.
    Just like Jennifer Lopez said, ” find a balance between mind, body and spirit”.
    Well done to you Dara.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much dear. That’s the thing, many don’t even see the need for a skin specialist, a dermatologist. I don’t know where many people of colour get the notion that lighter is better or more attractive. A healthy sense of self-esteem will most definitely help a person embrace their own body.


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