Life Lessons

A Lesson In Vanity

What is Vanity?

According to the wisest man that ever lived; King Solomon,

It is the intellectual pursuit of knowledge, the physical pursuit of pleasure and the material pursuit of wealth.

A question I often ask myself, and think you should ask yourself too, at least every once in a while is this:

How far will you go? At great personal costs and lengths to satisfy your vanity pleasure.

Vanity has many different faces; pleasure, distractions, idols, misplaced priorities, low self-esteem, social awkwardness, introversion, approval addiction…

Things that can only attempt to satisfy, but leave you feeling emptier than you were.

It’s pseudo: false, not the real thing, at least not the most important thing, or what matters most.

Striving to please the flesh, to please others at all costs is futile at best.

Sometimes, you have to risk and be willing to be awkward, to say NO to things you know are not expedient (profitable, edifying), it might be permissible but vain.

The need to please others, the inability to refuse or say No, can often be found in an underlying cause of low self-esteem and approval addiction, when we only feel good about ourselves after being accepted, commended, praised by others.

It’s a toxic thing to live that way, and it comes from having an identity crisis; a lack of understanding of who we truly are.

We’ve been made sons and daughters, joint heirs with Christ of God’s promises, of an inheritance unconsumable…

It’s sad to be willing to do anything just to be among, feel among, get in with the ‘in crowd’ …

Knowing this and being confident in it makes you understand that ‘try as we may, we know deep down that as much as we try to blend, we just might keep sticking out as a sore thumb’, and we’d be okay with it.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross and shed His precious blood for you to just “blend”. He did call you to be a light to the world, and salt of the earth.

Do that! Be that!! and most importantly, own your identity in Christ!!!. That’s really the only thing truly worth being proud of; that you know Him, but more that He knows you.

Lets get past this overwhelming need and compulsion to abide by standards set by others, instead choosing to operate by a different set of principles, ones set by our maker. That’s what makes everything, living, life itself worth it.

Many have found themselves in a lot of trouble and bad situations from the pursuit of vanity.

So all the more, ask yourself before you decide to take that giant leap based on someone else,

Is this truly worth it?

For we already know that we’d always be held responsible and accountable for our choices. Bearing whatever costs and consequences accompany them.

There’s nothing wrong with want and desire, only motives have to be checked, and expenses counted in whatever form they may come (physical, mental, emotional, financial…).

The bottom line is choosing to accept who you are, not bending to social norms and perceived standards, as they can be setups, pitfalls for fruitlessness.

I’ve learnt that;

The reason or motivation behind every action is what matters most. Why you do what you do.

We’re expected to be OTHERS’ ORIENTED; not seeking vainglory but whatever we do being to help or BENEFIT (emphasis on benefitting not necessarily pleasing, for we live to please but one; God. His approval alone should we really seek) others.

Dare to be different.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2019.


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