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Fickle Feelings…

I had an oral surgical procedure done sometime last year and through that experience,

I learnt an important life lesson: THE FICKLENESS OF FEELINGS; how fickle Feelings are or can be.

Feelings can deceive us into believing something false is very real.

After my procedure ended, I thought and felt that my face was saggy and droopy due to the LA (local anaesthetic) I had received. I even felt like I was drooling. But alas, when I looked at myself in the mirror, on beholding my reflection, all that was evidently not real. None of what I felt and thought were in fact happening. Surprisingly, the reality of my situation at that time was a stark opposite; my face looked perfectly fine, it wasn’t saggy, droopy and I most certainly wasn’t even drooling.

I’ve learnt to understand, that Feelings and reality might differ and confuse you, but you can’t let your feelings rule or ruin life’s realities.

Sometimes, your feelings might mislead you and you have to choose to believe what’s real instead.

Feelings are complicated.

Feelings do not always lie. Like right then, even though I looked fine after the surgical procedure, the truth in my feelings were expressed in the reality of my behaviour at the time.

You can’t hide feelings for very long. They’re psychological and often portray themselves via behavioural tendencies than physical manifestation.

Feelings are deeply linked to behaviour, and how we behave, is rooted deeply in our feelings, and related to how we feel at a given point in time.

One thing to note is to not let one’s behavioural tendencies be constantly ruled by how we feel…

I believe that:

Maturity is being led by your values, principles and commitment, not by your feelings, as feelings are as fickle as they come. They can ruin a person’s life with regrettable actions and decisions.


If you suffer from committment phobia, you might find that like me, you are still on the journey to maturing yourself.

Do you think feelings should or can be trusted? Do you trust yours?

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2019.


4 thoughts on “Fickle Feelings…”

  1. Having feelings define who you can sometimes be messy, cause as you said feelings can be fickle and sometimes be out of touch with reality.
    A balance between how you feel about things and the reality on ground is an essential life skill to learn and master. Thanks Zizi for sharing this insight with us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very correct Sis. They do need to be filtered through the lens of reality. This helps to sift the truth and substance out of them. This is what we should and can then act on. Thanks for your comment 😊☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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