Life Lessons

Hasty Wasty!

“Cheap ain’t always good, and good ain’t always cheap”…

What prompted this statement you may ask?

Well, I’ve come to realize the hazards of making rash decisions.

Normally, before I make a move to do or get something, I’ve thought about it a billion times over already, and I’d have settled it 200% in my mind before I execute the move physically.

I’m the type that always looks out for the best deals.
I never rush, I don’t rush to buy something. I sit on it and think, till I’m satisfied I’ve got the best deal possible.

As per a typical Nigerian nah, I like Awoof (sales and freebies). It’s in our blood. Nigerians and Awoof are often like 5 and 6.

So, against my usual mannerisms and character, I make a hasty decision against my better judgment, in a bid to hurry and save time…

“Good things come to those who wait”…

Fortunately, there are some goods that have a return policy, thereby giving you the opportunity to recover from your mistake, while there are others that don’t… Subsequently leaving you to bear the loss of your bad decision yourself.

“When in doubt, don’t do it”…

If you are constantly second-guessing yourself on a particular decision, wisdom says wait a while, be patient before you decide.
Circumstances may want to put you in a box, under some sort of pressure to decide with the notion that “this is as good as it gets”…

If you’re not fully at peace, chances are your decision will come bite you in the back later on. If the deal passes, another one will come, perhaps an even better one, perhaps it wasn’t even actually meant to be yours; ‘Cos I’m a firm believer that “what’s truly, really meant to be yours, won’t pass you by, it will find a way to work out for you”…

Don’t ever let yourself be boxed by life into thinking you don’t have a choice, you always do.

Remember, life doesn’t always allow for “take backs” (taking your decision back, changing your decision, returning your choice…), sometimes you’d have to stick with that choice forever…

So always think long term, would I still be okay with this decision after such amount of time has passed? Or does this choice only satisfy my present needs?

Persistence is key. At the very point you think you’re tired, you want to quit and give up, might be the very moment your persistence eventually pays off.

Think about these things…

Life Lesson:

Cheap ain’t always good, and good ain’t always cheap😊. Quality is sometimes the difference. However expensive isn’t always synonymous with quality😉.

P.S: These principles apply to not just material or physical goods, they transcend to even the immaterial ones, the life-changing decisions as well.

Love and Grace,



8 thoughts on “Hasty Wasty!”

  1. Very true. Patience is a virtue. Thoughtfulness well considered always help to get better results. Hastily taken decisions are not advisable .
    Thanks for sharing .

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  2. Very pragmatic nugget we could all draw from no matter what sphere of life we find ourselves: marriage, relationship, career, academics,friendship,etc. Well done to you Dara.

    Liked by 1 person

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