Life Lessons

The BIGGEST Lesson… Of 2019

Whew… 2019 is almost over, and it’s been a blast.

A whirlwind of emotions, adventures, experiences and so much more.

It’s been an endearing journey of discovery, learning, growing, evolving…

A lot of life lessons learned.

Phases begun and ended…

It’s been a blend: A Tragic Comedy; lots of bittersweet moments, memories forever embedded in my temple.

Selective amnesia has become an option, an outlet, a form of escape from the less savory ones.

But I’m not without gratitude for the immense blessings yet. The challenges that sought to break me but didn’t, couldn’t…

The ones that pushed me out of my comfort zone to explore more, see things differently…

Of all the things that 2019 has taught me, I believe the biggest of them for me has been CONSISTENCY.

I’ve learnt, that it is the key to everything.

  • To influence (as a brand)
  • To growth (personal)
  • To progress (career)
  • To excellence (becoming a better you, your best version)
  • To truth (understanding and trusting patterns of speech and behaviour)
  • To character development (habit forming)
  • To integrity (being honest and reliable)

In essence, it is the pathway to a generally more rewarding and fulfilling life.

The more you practice consistency in an endeavour, especially a good one, the better off you are.

It’s like they say:

Little drops of water, makes a mighty ocean.

That’s what consistent efforts are like; it’s like collecting little drops of water, soon the efforts of consistency would yield tangible results.

A penny saved here and there, soon the bank is full.

However, the dividends of consistency are often only evident over time.

It’s a process of building… But the rewards cannot be overlooked.

So what are you building?

How you practice consistency will determine the end results.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2019.

See you in 2020❤️💙.

I consistently love you, yes you reading this😘♥️.

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5 thoughts on “The BIGGEST Lesson… Of 2019”

  1. “Selective amnesia has become an option, an outlet, a form of escape from the less savory ones.” – This line is a summary of some of my 2019. I enjoyed reading this and the clarity of thought that influenced this. Cheers to a glorious year ahead fueled by the lessons of the past year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Hassan. Honestly, choosing to intentionally forget some things is the only way to salvage one’s mental health. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the post. Happy new year in advance. May it be an amazing one for us all.


    1. Don’t worry dear. The seeds you’re patiently sowing will definitely yield bountiful rewards in due time. Keep grinding. In understanding the principle of delayed gratitude, we learn to sacrifice some things today that we may enjoy them tomorrow. By God’s grace, it’ll all be worth it in the end🤗🤗🤗


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