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New Year Expectations

“Hope is the anticipation of a favourable outcome and is closely tied to your desires”.

“Belief is confidence in the ability of another”

“Faith is the reliance you have on the words and intentions of another”. It is what you fully expect God to do on your behalf.

Expectation is the prospect of the future, prospect of anything good to come…

To expect is to look for with some confidence…

Faith is closely linked with your expectations. Faith gives substance for you to experience the physical manifestation of your expectations.

Our Christian faith isn’t a blind one, it is evidenced by the word of God, it is fueled by revelation of God’s promises, His covenant towards us in His word. These promises are the anchors of our faith, they’re the foundations with which to expect or anticipate anything.

The Just shall live by Faith…

Rom. 1:17 (KJV) “For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written…”

The righteousness of God here meaning His goodness, His character revealed as we move, as we rise, as we increase from one level of faith to another.

Rom. 1:17 (AMP) “For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed, both springing from faith and leading to faith [disclosed in a way that awakens more faith]…”

Our faith is boosted by the experiential knowledge of God.

Ours and that of others (personal victories, testimonies and those of other people). It is substantiated by the revelational knowledge of God’s word.
Heb. 10:23, James 1:6-7.

Having an expectation qualifies you for an answer…
However, the fear of disappointment voids expectations. It is a plague that threatens the existence of our faith.

Past negative experiences often rear its ugly head in an attempt to extinguish the flaming fire of our faith; disappointments aren’t always denials, we live in a grossly imperfect world but God’s justice reigns supreme.

Where there are expectations, there would always be possibility for disappointment; which in itself could be a re-direction, another answer, maybe not the one expected but a different one.

In every situation, see the good therein, we’re marked by the hand of God, we have Him at the forefront of our lives, steering the course of our life’s ship, you can’t ever fight the will of God, you shoot yourself in the leg by trying to.

The most important thing in believing God for, hoping in Him and having faith about something, is ensuring our desires, our prayers are according to His will, are in His will.

Only then would “our expectations never be cut short”. Prov. 24:14 (paraphrased).

Love and Grace,


Happy new year!!!!
Welcome to 2020❤️

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