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Leap of Faith

Ever heard the above expression before?

It’s been used severally in different circumstances of life.

Often when a person is about to take a daring, sometimes ridiculous move. One that’s deemed radical or not quite rational by common sense and human standards. It’s daring the odds, believing things would work out and turn out fine.

Have you ever truly paused to ponder on it and grasp it’s meaning? Said casually like it’s a normal thing…

But I’m finally beginning to understand why the term “leap” of faith is called so.

It’s because it’s literally a jump, maybe not a physical one, still it is in other dimensions.

It’s more than crossing, it’s jumping over a hurdle which is more like the bar of a high jump. You either cross over and land safely over the barrier or you fall and plummet.

Now this is the scary part, the one that’s seen as daunting and often prevents a person from even making an initial move.

The thing is, such a fall would be harder than where the person initially was, the thoughts would then come; ‘why didn’t I just stay the way I was, I was better off then, this move was a grave and drastic mistake’ and all other discouraging thoughts that could come along. You start to think that at least you were safe, but falling from trying does hurt and bruise a lot worse.

I would describe the leap as more of a pole vault. The pole is the pivot or catalyst, that represents “faith” required to go over successfully and it has to be enough, it has to be strong and solid, it has to be sure and to hold up adequately. It needs to be properly calculated, step taken in time. Timely because, a step taken too fast or too slow ends in a fall.

So we listen; silently and attentively for the whistle blown by the coach, to know when it’s time to make a leap. The coach is our God, He’s the ultimate time keeper. His timing is always impeccable and we can trust that He always knows the right time for everything. He’s there ordering our steps and guiding our moves.

One thing that is characteristic of every leap, is experiencing that burst of emotions, the cocktail mix of it, the feelings that run though your mind, influenced by the surge of neurotransmitters coursing through your brain.

  • Adrenaline: the flight or fight response. Recognizes danger and stress.
  • Serotonin: which could make a person experience panic and anxiety
  • Dopamine: the pleasure response, responsible for excitement and the feeling of happiness.
  • Noradrenaline: affects the mood and could determine depressive states.

The cocktail mix of these are often responsible for how you feel. They could make you altogether happy or sad, filled with fear or intrepid, anxious and dreading the jump, but perhaps the rush of emotions have you faith filled with excitement, confident in your tools and timing, sure of your actions, steps and decisions. Knowing that you’re well equipped for the jump, and assured that you would land safely, victoriously unto the other side.

Have I successfully painted a vivid picture in your mind?

Which is it for you?

What’s that step that you’re about to take?

Have you checked your arsenal? Are you fortified for it?

It is my belief that for every decision that you’re about to take, that you believe to be God’s will, scripture anchors are required.

They serve as fortifiers, a landing pad for when you make that jump. For on successful completion of the move, you might meet the unexpected on arrival into a new phase and territory. The landing pad of God’s word, will keep you from flailing and falling. It will serve to cushion and solidify your stand, ensuring that you do not sink in the ocean called life, it’ll help you stay afloat.

You can look at them, recite them to yourself, meditate on them, and they hold you firmly. Preventing your soul from wavering and tossing about when every wave of doubt strikes. No, you’d be trimphant, your life’s boat properly anchored by God’s word in the ocean of life.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2020.

2 thoughts on “Leap of Faith”

  1. Thanks Dara.

    I always pray for God to direct my path. It’s usually not a long prayer…just few words -“God direct my path”.

    Because of that, sometimes when I don’t have a specific word I got from Him, I can still be certain through the “inner witness” that there are some leaps of faith I should take. And it always turns out good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s really great. He definitely makes no mistakes and we can always trust His leading. He’s sure to direct, in fact, He’s very eager to do so. Beckoning on us to submit and allow Him lead…


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