Love Lessons

Love is Forgiveness

Love is saying:

“I forgive you, not because you asked me to, but because I love you and love forgives”

Tiwalade Awosika

Forgiving, even when you’re not in the mood to, or still angry at them.

One key principle I’ve learnt is to:
“PRACTICE FORGIVING IN ADVANCE”. It brings you a whole lot of peace…

Most often, we want to or we just wait for an apology while holding unto the hurt…

This is me saying, we don’t always have to wait for them to say sorry or to Apologize before we forgive them; sometimes, they’re not even aware they’ve offended us, meanwhile, anger is eating you up.

Remember, that Christ forgave us long before we asked for it, before we even knew we needed it…

Trust me, choosing to forgive, regardless of an apology, is more for you, for your benefit than theirs.

When you practice forgiveness in advance, you bring yourself into a whole new realm of peace and wholeness, you open unto yourself doors of blessings and favor.

Anger is just a bitter poison and choosing to forgive whoever hurt you, is the quickest cure and remedy.

Forgiveness is always the FIRST STEP to healing from any hurt or emotional wound.
You prolong and delay your healing by holding unto the hurt and refusing to let go by forgiving…

Don’t drag out your healing longer than necessary… It may not always be easy, but it’s possible with divine strength and enablement.

Love and Grace,


3 thoughts on “Love is Forgiveness”

  1. I agree with this post. If someone has caused us pain or has offended us in some way, we continue the pain or hurt by not letting go. Anger and resentment keeps us in the past and prevents us from moving forward in God.

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    1. Exactly. Thank you very much. Anger, bitterness and resentment are all prisons of the mind of which we find ourselves the jailer. We’d find our freedom in Christ sooner when we realise we hold the keys…

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