Why do I Write?

This question came about as a result of some soul searching I did.

Trying to figure out the essence to my blogging; yes I did become a blogger to figure out a rhythm to my writing, hopefully gaining the discipline to be consistent with it and write as often as possible.

Blogging has trained me to be able to see inspiration in anything and everything and to be able to write without procrastinating, giving myself deadlines and pushing towards them like my life depended on them, because yes it sort of did.

I started to think more about the whole point of it, why I started this blog, or basically, why I write on it. I’ve had so many different answers come to me to explain the origin of my writing and it’s significance in my life.

Writing has always been a means of soulful expression, a platform to bare one’s soul to the world. To share ideas and inspiration. To shape patterns, and cultivate habits.

I mean God formed the entire universe with just words. I oft wonder at the kind of world I could create with my words. Would it be a better one, for everyone?

For the longest time, I’ve had the burning desire to write, but I never really did take it seriously enough, I’d wait for inspiration and thus only write when it comes…

Who do I write for?

I write for the sake of one. If just one person would be blessed by it, encouraged or inspired by my words, motivated to become their better, even best selves. That alone is satisfaction for me.

I write for the approval and applause of one – My heavenly Father’s. I seek to please Him, to do His bidding and fulfil His will and mandate, in whatever form that might be. I love to write about Him and so many other things He inspires me to write about. I would never stop writing as long as He doesn’t bid me stop.

Why do I write?

I write to touch, heal and share a heart to heart connection with just one soul. Hoping that my words resonate with them. Positive feedback in any and every form is like adrenaline to the soul. It pushes and drives to do more.

One thing many writers dislike is a lack of feedback. It can be dauntingly frustrating, but when I thought about it, the Lord reminded me that He knocks on the hearts of so many of us severally, and only a few respond, but He doesn’t ever give up. He’s relentless about it, it’s His nature to not give up in the pursuit of the human heart because He loves us with an enduring, everlasting love.

My Shepherd is the one who’d still die on the cross even if there was only one human on earth. He’d leave the ninety-nine, and go look for that one lost sheep. He cares so deliberately and intentionally about us.

If I’m truly my heavenly Father’s daughter, how then can I do any less?

A lot of times, we find ourselves waking up to the harsh and sad realization, that we’ve spent a huge chunk of our lives, trying to be something that we’re not meant to be

Ask yourself, are you where you should be? Is this what you’re truly really meant to be? Who you’re designed to be?

I ask myself the same thing. Maybe I did wake up late, but now I can begin…

I look back and I’m thankful for my journey…

What’s the best part about writing?

It’s that rush of ideas, the flow of thoughts coursing through your mind, the eager anticipation for them to burst forth in boundless expression. That experience alone is euphoric for me.

The journey of writing has been much of an adventure; Of discovering so many new things, some exciting, others requiring overcoming a difficult barrier. But therein lie endless possibilities.

I’ve always valued self-expression and that for me just mainly happens to be writing.

Writing is also therapeutic, especially when it involves journaling. That unravelling of the mind is a psychological way to heal and work through pain.

More than writing for the sake of others or to speak to others, most of what I write are things that I know are first directed at me. I’m often reminded to listen to myself more and take my own words to heart, I’d be better off. For times I didn’t listen, the things I dreaded came true.

How’s is writing done?

There’s a flowchart to every written post, as is applicable to so much else in life.

First, it often comes as a singular Thought, which then evolves into a concrete Idea, this pushes the Action of punching the keys, typing the actual words, arranging and editing, then the last but not the least important is the finished product called Results.

Pictorially, it goes this way:

Thought ➡️ Idea ➡️ Action ➡️ Results

There are different school of thoughts towards writing: some deeming it easy, others say it’s difficult. But I say it’s both: so easy and extremely difficult. However, it’s also incredibly satisfying and fulfilling.

The sweetest things in this world today, have come to us through tears and pain.

– J. R Miller

I’ve learnt that which is worthwhile comes with some level of sacrifice. Opportunity cost like it’s called in economics. Foregoing some pleasure for the sake of a greater gain.

When do I know to write?

A trap is something that seems so good, perfect and ideal for you, that rushes you into a commitment, a sort of binding association?

Your intuition to pause and hesitate often reveals hidden unpalatable information…

The question isn’t as basic as to write or not to write. It’s more one of purpose. I would say I write all the time because there’s often a ruminating thought-idea playing its way across my brain waves, but writing is a process and I only publish the results.

In life, in love, in work and career,

What’s your why? Your reason? Your conviction? The driving force behind that which you claim to be so passionate about.

This is what would keep you centred, grounded, and focused on the right thing for your life.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2020


14 thoughts on “Why do I Write?”

  1. I have blogged the stories of my depression and anxiety and my physical disability and the emotional wounds of my childhood.

    The stories of intensely painful parenting failures and how I have self sabotaged, stories of my pride that has wounded my relationships. And I have lived vulnerable online and it has hurt and it has been scary blogging about the Kingdom, which is not about me and my glory–but about restoration and His glory. All for as you mentioned, for the principle of the “one”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What’s your why? Your reason? Your conviction? The driving force behind that which you claim to be so passionate about.
    This is what would keep you centred, grounded, and focused on the right thing for your life.

    Powerful words! Understanding why you do what you do is a very important factor in achieving success and fulfilling purpose.
    It keeps you going during the toughest times..

    Thanks so much for sharing darling.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Uummfff ,! Very thoughtful and highly encouraging. The writeup focuses on other basic aspects of life and living for every individual as it tries to encourage soul searching and redirection of thought patterns for greater good.
    Also to note that whatever you do, remember that there is one person out there that needs to really benefit and be helped by your focused efforts.
    Keep up the good work.

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  4. So I have been binge reading your posts and first of all I’d like to say you are a fantastic writer👏👏

    I love your style, it is refreshing to read; Especially how you find lessons in almost everything, it is one of the ways I keep myself grounded, so I absolutely enjoy reading your posts.

    I love what you said about knowing your ‘Why’. It is so important. My ‘why’ keeps me going. It can be tempting to get carried away by numbers but even if it is just one person that I do it for, I am fulfilled. Nothing compares to the satisfaction found from fulfilling purpose. Just knowing you are valuable to someone is everything!

    Keep up the good work Dara, I am rooting for you🤗💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my God😍, thank you so much. You just made my day.

      I’m so glad you resonate with this post. Understanding purpose is paramount. It’s gives fuel and drives our passion for whatever it is that we do.

      I am definitely rooting for you too. I’ve also been enjoying your posts, and been deeply enriched, blessed by them.

      Gracias, much love my fellow Nigerian sister 😘.

      Liked by 1 person

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