Love Lessons

Love is Acceptance

Holla friends!

How’s this week going for you?

Yeah, its the season of love, the month of love and the week of Valentine.

As we gradually countdown to valentine’s day, I wonder what kind of thoughts and emotions fill your system right now.

Are you perhaps tension-filled? With pressure to impress a loved one with gifts and grand romantic gestures, showing how immensely you love them? Or perhaps you can’t relate like me if you’re single, and to you, it’s just going to be another day and perhaps you’re waiting to view other people tell their own love adventure stories on social media.

Whatever category you fall in, let’s just relax and go with the flow 😉.

Prior to this moment, you definitely would have some thoughts regarding the whole love and relationship scenario.

I just want to share with you a little bit of mine, a part of what love means to me. I’d love for you to add yours in the comment section.

So here we go:

“Love is acceptance”. Flaws and all, shortcomings, inadequacies, despite and in spite of…

Photo Credit: Unsplash

You might have seen this one coming like the title was a giveaway😋.

From observations over time, I’ve seen that many have had their relationships crumble due to unrealistic expectations, and a refusal to accept their significant other for who they simply are.

Yes, love should make you want to improve yourself, become a better version of you, be the best of yourself. For your benefit and that of your significant other. It goes both ways, each partner fighting to give the very best of themselves.

However, it is also important to make a conscious mental decision and effort to not find fault in your partner. To not look for or at their flaws. Love is learning to overlook things that don’t really matter. It is instead training your eyes to look for and see the best in a person.

You decide what battles are worth fighting. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s knowing how to categorise those things that are absolute red flags 🚩aka deal-breakers🙅‍♀️ and those which are yellow flags; meaning things that can actually be worked and improved upon.

Something I’ve discovered is that nagging and complaining does nothing, it doesn’t even produce change. Only resentment from your significant other. It might even reduce their affection for you. A lot of women might tend to fall for this tactic, but it often doesn’t work.

For a change, practice appreciation and gratitude. This works in tremendous ways. It’s a great motivating factor for anyone; people thrive on praise. It makes them double up efforts in an attempt to get more of it. Words of affirmation are powerful, especially if they’re your partner’s love language.

A principle that should be applied is this: If you want more out of your relationship, give more into it. Knowing that you’re not primarily out to get something but to give of yourself.

Love is gracefully accepting your partner for who they are.

Happy Valentine’s Day in advance💕. This might seem early, but I most likely won’t be posting anything on that day. Here’s me wishing you in advance 😘

Remember, you have to love and accept yourself first to be able to love and accept another🥰.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2020


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