Belated Celebration: Happy International Writer’s Day

Hi blogifam💞.

I’m elated and ecstatic.

While the actual world writer’s day was yesterday, March 3rd, I only found out about it today.

This shows how sometimes, amid the bustle of everyday life, we get so busy that important things tend to slip us by rather unnoticed.

Until I became a writer✍, I didn’t even know this celebration was a thing. Never knew it even existed. When I found out about it, I searched through my feed, hoping it was popularly celebrated particularly among writers on WordPress, but that wasn’t so.

However, I am so psyched the world chooses to celebrate something like this and acknowledge the impact that writers have and would keep having on the global space, the world at large.

With our words, we’ve not only touched the skies, but we’ve even travelled galaxies, gone where only words could reach with our minds.

So yeah, in a way it is a belated celebration. But I choose to do it anyway. To celebrate all the wonderful writers out there, both on WordPress and beyond.

Writers are artists in and of themselves, we’re painters. Only that we’ve colored the world with our words. Instead of holding a paint brush in our hands, we have it replaced with a pen, or with a technologically savvy instrument like a phone, or a laptop.

It’s wonderful how imaginative and creative writing is. The ability to make others feel, to inspire, to touch another soul only with our words. Its a gift unparalleled.

Happy world writers day fellow writers, authors, bloggers👏🙌.

You all are truly amazing. I wish I could start mentioning names and blogs that have inspired me over the months. Its truly been a pleasure being on the WordPress platform and interacting with phenomenal humans. I do not take the blogosphere or this opportunity lightly. I hold and value it so dearly to my heart.

Here’s to doing more. Cheers everyone🥂🍻.

Remember to continue to breathe words, life-giving words like air we breathe and blood that flows through our veins.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2020.

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