Love Lessons


By Nathaniel Chibuzor

The E-book “Love Lessons” by Dara Nuga is a beautiful piece undoubtedly inspired by God and it’s precepts premised from our daily living.

This book addresses the nature of Love, helping it’s reader to better understand the several misconceptions around love and thoroughly divides the subject matter from other delusions.

It is a 27-page book with 10 solid lessons to be educated upon and a bonus track of nuggets lessons as souvenir.

I would have to rewrite the whole book to give my thoughts, cause every paragraph to phrase is a well of knowledge, with water never running dry of insights into a seemingly common word we live by everyday.

Briefly speaking on the lessons that struck me as lightning, empowering me with so much voltage to share with you some currents that’s charged my system up.

Beginning with Love is a decision.

It is a conscious deliberate choice we make in the right state of mind.
She talked about the Three states of R’s in which we are never to make decisions;

  1. Rebound: lots of people do this out of loneliness,
  2. Revenge: to spite a person or get back at them,
  3. Resentment: this is bitterness speaking.

It is a conscious decision to love cause it also requires commitment and it is a sacrifice. For there’s no love without a sacrifice.

Dropping off on the lesson of Love not being enough.

She extrapolated that emotions is not a solid foundation on which our relationship should be built on rather, give into the discovering of our belief system, our values, our compatibility and
several others.

“Love is a commitment to do better, be better” – Dara Nuga.

It’s been an elucidating journey through the lessons of this great book. It teaches you the practical ways of relating with this complex force, cause it can be overwhelming sometimes.

The quotes are like tools from a tool box that relatively fits into any scenario we find ourselves.

I see God blessing and equipping the mind of the reader to live a more fruitful and clearer expression of His divine love.

God bless you.
Nathaniel Chibuzor.

This is my first guest post on the blog and it just happens to be a review that a good friend of mine wrote on my free ebook “LOVE LESSONS“.

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