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Count the Cost.

Scriptural Reference: Luke 14:28-30.

This is why I often try my best to always count the cost. I don’t like unfinished businesses. I strive to make sure whatever it is that I start, I’m without a shred of doubt able to complete it.

However, at this point in my life, I’ve found myself getting involved with things I have no desires in seeing through, whether because things changed or got complicated along the way, or I absolutely had no idea what exactly I was getting myself into. Didn’t have the full details.

From these series of experiences and happenstance, I’ve learnt to:

1. Look before you Leap.

Always try to do your due diligence of thorough research. Don’t just jump into uncharted waters blindly…

Know exactly where you’re headed and how far you would be willing to go on the journey. Ask all necessary questions about whatever it is you’re interested in so there won’t be a case of I didn’t know it was going to be like this or had I known…

It is folly to agree to a commitment or a journey that you have no clue how long or how far it will take you if you have the stamina or capacity for it. Lest you get weary and faint cause you miscalculated what it’ll cost you.

Be wise my friend. Draw from this biblical wisdom and live a better life, so you don’t have strings of unfinished businesses or failed commitments etc.

2. Don’t say Yes to everything.

“The oldest, shortest words – ‘yes’ and ‘no’ – are those which require the most thought.”

– Pythagoras

Your Yes and your No are two of the most powerful words on earth.

They can either change your life positively forever or mar it. Don’t ever be in a hurry to give it especially when the situation isn’t an emergency or time-sensitive.

Think it through, life-changing decisions ought not to be handled carelessly, but with careful, thorough considerations, so that when you look back you won’t see a string of regrets and bad decisions but you will be pleased by your choices.

I don’t know who said this, but it’s a common saying that:

“The best math you can learn right now is how to calculate the future cost of current decisions”.

I love this quote so much because it shows us just what exactly is at stake.

The choices we make today will invariably affect the future.

So when deciding things, we think not only about what it means for us today, but what it will also be in the future. We can’t live life basking only in the present and not thinking about tomorrow. There has to be a balance.

Live for today, plan for tomorrow.

In my own personal life right now, I’m about to be an online dropout, because I belatedly realized that I signed up on for too much, in the way of taking many online courses at the same time.

These are all commitments I should never have made hurriedly. I think I made them mostly out of a thirst, a desire for some action, connectivity, fulfilment, only for me to find out that none of them is much of anything that I want, can cope with or handle.

Read this: Before You Say Yes Ever; Think!

3. Journey on Self-Discovery.

It’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses. Your desires and capabilities. This helps when setting personal goals and outlining tasks that you want to complete, and also how to work around other people’s schedules…

When you take on too much or attempt to bite on more than you can chew, setting unrealistic goals, it can make it seem difficult to breathe because you’re choked or weighed down by self-imposed or perhaps others imposed demands or expectations of you.

Avoid spreading yourself too thin. It’s actually counterproductive. Your output reduces and you become less effective.

Remember you have the power of choice, so give yourself a breather. Where you’re bound by obligation politely request for some time.

I also like to look at the long-term intrinsic value of things. Did I deliberately choose this? Or was it chosen for me? What’s the long-term benefit or reward in doing this? Is it worth the effort?

For me, effort has to be commensurate with reward which is subjective.

I think “Do I want to do this? Do I have to do this? Why am I doing this? What’s the point of all this? Is there any gain or reward to it? Is the reward worth the effort?”

Above all, am I fulfilled in doing this?

Whatever it is that I do, there always has to be a higher purpose to it. To serve a higher purpose, a greater cause.

Happy Sunday, Stay Blessed.

I hope you have a fulfilling life going forward and that you can live looking back with little or no regrets.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2020.

7 thoughts on “Count the Cost.”

  1. I love the quote “The best math you can learn right now is how to calculate the future cost of current decisions.” I have a friend I’ve been trying to teach this principle. She does not grasp that today’s decisions impact what we harvest in the future. Unfortunately, she has been in a repeated cycle of self-destructive choices. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

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    1. Oh wow, I really hope that you’re able to get through to your friend before she does something with unbearable consequences. While a lot of people have that ideology and believe of “YOLO”- You only live once; and therefore they choose to think only about today. Life is all about balance, it’s good to live and enjoy the moment even of we’re not guaranteed tomorrow, but it’s highly essential we put in mind ” if tomorrow comes… Then what next? May the grace of God continually be with us all as we enjoy his benevolent mercies.

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