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Race: Run With Purpose. Featuring Life Lessons from a Game.

There are so many metaphors with which to describe life. As individuals, we each have our own definition of what life means to us. A general metaphoric scenario is that life is a race.

We all run, but the manner in which we run is what makes us different, and sets us apart from the populace.

Some just run aiming at nothing but just exhausting their lives on activity. Note that activity is different from productivity. You can be active and yet not be productive. So when you claim to be busy, ask yourself what exactly you’re busy with and what tangible thing you’ve achieved with your time.

However, some aim at goals, but sometimes, there’s just no wrong or right kind of goal.

The very fact that you aim at something, signifies purpose and direction. Albeit, some aim for the seemingly insignificant stuff because they’re either blind or ignorant of anything that’s higher or even greater possibly existing and so they go with the norm. Choosing the status quo because it’s comfortable. They fail to be able to plan and strategize for achieving a real and true purpose. They set their sights and standards low.

There’s always so much more, there’s never a limit, as purpose is inexhaustible.

This great life lesson I learnt from one of my favourite smartphone games; subway surf®.

  • Run with a great purpose. This is what gives life meaning.
  • Set high standards and you can never be mediocre.
  • Challenge your prospects daily to achieve more.

I know I sound very much like a motivational speaker right now, but in this simple game, I never saw goals expressed more plainly in a simple step by step manner, with tasks to follow in the process to achieve a clear set and defined goal. It’s funny how all other purposes are achievable in just one ultimate one.

In summary, these are my Lessons from the game of subway surf:

  1. We’re all running in the race of life, but so we don’t run amuck trying to attain stuff, we need a magnet to simply attract the right things to ourselves… That’s where grace sets us apart from mindless effort.
  2. We’re all running, but to what end? What would be the point of running and striving without any set of predetermined goals? How would you know you’ve achieved or hit a target if none is set. What would be the yardstick for measuring milestones attained? Having goals helps to streamline focus and align efforts accordingly.
  3. All of your life goals can be achieved in knowing your life’s purpose aka your vision, this is then broken down into missions; each having steps… The goal in the game of subway surf is to beat my high score, but it means running longer and harder, however, I figured by increasing my multiplier, I can run shorter distances and still achieve my ultimate goals, but to increase this multiplier, there are little missions to achieve and this gives my runs focus and fulfilment, not just the feeling of a rush, the adrenaline pumping in my system.

Now, this is the key to fulfilment in life: find your ultimate purpose, and all your other life goals can be achieved in it.

Remember that,

Life is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s not about speed itself, but persistence.

– Zizi

Love and Grace,


Photo Credits: Unsplash.


4 thoughts on “Race: Run With Purpose. Featuring Life Lessons from a Game.”

  1. This is a thought provoking post. What better time to read this than now? My favourite lines were:

    -Life is a marathon and not a sprint.
    It is so easy to get carried away. But it is very important to remember that it is not about speed but purpose and learning to be persistent while at it.

    -What would be the point of running and striving without any set of predetermined goals?…What would be the yardstick for measuring milestones attained?
    Goals are key!!! This is another motivation to keep setting them so I can measure milestones attained along the way.

    Thanks for sharing Dara, this was much needed!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your candid thoughts Sharimam. I’m glad you were able to resonate with the words written. God bless you dear.

      I love how you expatiate the quote. You put it very aptly👌🏼.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. We all need purpose. Like you said it gives life a sense of direction. People with purpose have a drive, self motivation, know how to use time and look for how best to achieve great results. It gives alignment to every decision and step we take, though downs may come, it helps us stay focused.

    Thanks for sharing 💚

    Liked by 1 person

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