Life Lessons

Life Happens…


This might be an adjective that describes your mood for most of this year so far… I don’t know about you, but I never quite fully liked or adjusted to the online transitions, I’ve always been the type that preferred physical interactions.

It certainly feels like forever since I wrote on my blog. It’s just been so hard to write. Harder than usual, than I could have thought or anticipated to be possible. I know such a thing is usually called writers’ block; a period when one is just stuck in writing, not knowing what to write exactly or which way next to move forward. I want to blame this on circumstances, but I don’t want to play the victim card. It sucks to ruminate on the past mishaps that have taken place this year. While choosing to maintain a healthy attitude, a sane mindset and thoughts of gratitude, life just sometimes gets so overwhelming that we all just need to take a “BREAK“. Just a mental break, if at least not physical from all that life throws at us.

You know, life can be so funny that it tests you first and teaches you the lessons after.

I used to say that when looking for inspiration, just look around you and you’ll find it in the everyday happenings and mundane events of regular life. But what if those things rather leave you constantly speechless and simply short of words? Too numb to speak because you’re not even sure your words would have any meaning or effect. You wonder what’s the point of it all if this life is worth it if we’re nothing but an insignificant speck of dust. Sorry to bore you with figurative speech and thoughts such as these, but they cross my mind every once in a while when I just attempt to reflect on life lately…

Have you ever had that feeling, like you’ve lived a year in a single day? Well, I’m sure at the start of this year we all were excited, at the prospect of starting a new decade. Right now, I believe the feeling must be mutual that it seems we’ve lived an entire decade already in just this one year.

If I should take a consensus on what everyone thinks the single most important lesson this year has been, I could almost guarantee that it’s to LIVE: To never take life for granted. To simply enjoy every moment of it, live today. There’s so much that encompasses living, and sadly, if we each should take a life stock of the quality of our lives, we might find that we fall short of really, truly living as we should. To live is to stop and smell the roses while we can, to take that rest or break, to appreciate nature and its gifts all around us, to cherish love and family. To do all of the things we want to do now while we can as the future isn’t guaranteed. This, however, doesn’t insinuate living recklessly without much thought or completely abandoning plans for the future, No! Whatever it is that you’ve put on hold for so long and kept wanting to do and life kept getting in the way, and it kept getting postponed till it was undone, please revisit those lost dreams.

How sad would it be, if life ended but we couldn’t say that we lived if rather than finishing empty, we still had so much left to do and give?

I hope that we look forward to making the necessary lifestyle changes that we need to; learning, growing, loving, and ultimately LIVING.

Till I write to you again, please stay safe guys and don’t give up hope. As daunting as rain clouds are, the sun always shines again no matter how long it takes.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2020.

Photo Credits: Unsplash.

P.S – What’s that one single lesson that 2020 has thought you? I know that there’s a lot, but if you could pick just one, what would it be?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.


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