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Expectations: Pitfalls for Disappointment? Or Setup for Greatness!

Usually, I’d wait till I had defined answers and a set thought frame on a topic before posting on it. But I don’t have all the answers. I’d love to read your thoughts and know what you think on this dicey topic. I’m going to share two schools of thoughts regarding expectations. The point is […]

Expectations: Pitfalls for Disappointment? Or Setup for Greatness!

9 thoughts on “Expectations: Pitfalls for Disappointment? Or Setup for Greatness!”

  1. We all have expectations based on hope, faith or something in view. Not having expectations atimes leave things vague and ambiguous in order to escape disappointment or being hurt. The truth is we’ll face disappointments at some points in our life. Although Disappointments are deeply felt when we’re overly anxious and all cards are on the Table. We can build our school absorbers too…it helps lol

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    1. Hmmm. Thanks for succinctly sharing your thoughts. Indeed what would life be like without hope? It’ll be miserable. Most times, we do tend to tell ourselves to expect nothing out of fear, simply because we’re afraid of being let down, it’s like a defence mechanism. True that disappointments might not be completely avoided in life, it’s simply bound to happen but we can reduce them by adjusting our views towards life and what we expect out of it. I always say that balance is key; to not expect too much or too little. We especially shouldn’t ever feel like we’re owed stuff or different things.

      Anxiety can fill us with dread and worry about the present and future, but like you said we do need to build out shock absorbers while not numbing ourselves to feeling anything. We would be doing a great disservice by denying our humanity. The only thing we can truly hope and bank on is God, but even when He doesn’t give us what we want, it’s still essential that we remain humble enough to know that He’s still God and remains so regardless. We can only trust Him to do what’s best for us, even when we don’t understand or like it.


    1. My dear😂, I understand you perfectly.. It’s easier said when it’s all up to you, but what if it’s completely out of your hands and you have to consider a whole lot of other factors at play? Having unrealistically high expectations from others especially, only to be let down could actually be crushingly disappointing as well…

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      1. That is a wonderful point. I’ve learned by now not to have high expectations of others. In fact, more often than not, I don’t have any expectations of others at all. It’s actually my God who I have high expectations from. There are things I’ve been fighting for and I refuse to give up or settle for less than what I need from Him, and I have resolved within myself that I will submit myself to the journey and patiently fight til it draws to its close.

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      2. You’ve brilliantly spoken well Sis. It’s all on God, zero expectations from others, that guarantees peace of mind. It’s great to have high expectations for of our individual selves but also be gentle and enjoy the process of getting to the desired destination.

        Life’s an adventure, let’s continue to enjoy it’s🥰🤗.

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