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What is The Ideal and Perfect Job? Smart Work Vs Hard Work

I used to think there was nothing of such, but I’ve been proven wrong. You might think what makes a job perfect would be the monetary remuneration, working conditions, perks and benefits, and you’ll be right. But that’s not all there is to it. The ideal job is one that brings forth opportunities to advance, […]

What is The Ideal and Perfect Job? Smart Work Vs Hard Work

With the global economic downturn of 2020, we see a new emerging rise of young entrepreneurs. This in itself, is a beauty to behold.

Due to covid-19 and a host of other factors, young people are starting to see that they can be employers of themselves and others, not just employees.

Beyond settling for the status quo of being a salary earner and employee, young folks are thinking outside the box to become solution providers, rendering services and offering products to the society that meets individual needs.

Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash

It’s fast becoming a dawning realisation, that a salary in itself isn’t even enough for sustenance in modern times. So, we’re advised as financially savvy people, to have multiple streams of income.

This helps with cutting back on a lot of financial stress that we might otherwise experience. It’s a process whereby, we move from just working hard to now working smart; such that our money starts to work for us. Life then becomes a sequence of Work, Save and Invest.

As much as I advocate for savings, money doesn’t grow that way due to poor interest rates these days, such savings just end up being for emergencies and future expenses. However, investing does help money grow, but there is no guarantee as it comes with its risks, due diligence must be carried out and perhaps professional expertise sought to find out what kind of investments would suit your risk aversions. You could invest in your business idea, or in that of others, much like shared partnerships.

It is also eminent to note that entrepreneurial spirit was forcefully invoked on some, due to massive job losses across the world. Be it as it may, a lot of startups will also lead to an increase in employment. As new business owners grow in their enterprise, demand for labour will equally rise.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

So what do you think? Have you recently started a business this year? Do you do it along with a job or as a stand-alone? What’s your experience so far as a perhaps budding entrepreneur? Kindly share in the comments section below.


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8 thoughts on “What is The Ideal and Perfect Job? Smart Work Vs Hard Work”

  1. I started a business this year but I struggle with finding customers. I’m seeking employment as a Biochemist and any other job opportunity that would encourage self development. Sometimes, it is not an easy phase for some of us, but we are doing our best.

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    1. Oh hi Dorcas. It’s so great that you started a business. Getting customers is sometimes not easy. I wish you the very best in your endeavors dear. I hope you put yourself out there more so the right customers and opportunities will find their way to you💞.


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