Life In A Year

I don’t do movie reviews on a norm, and I usually do not even watch tragic ones. However, I came across the titular movie “Life in a Year” and found the storyline intriguing. I took it a step further and watched the trailer, but then my curiosity was already fully piqued.

The movie stars Jaden Smith as the male lead. I was really glad to see him acting once more and looking very healthy. He has grown into such a fine and mature young man.

N.B: This review might contain certain spoilers from the movie plot. So if you thoroughly hate getting spoilers, please endeavour to watch the movie before you continue reading.

I think this movie has been the most emotional one of 2020. It’s truly breathtaking and phenomenal.

Jaden played the role of a teenage protagonist and his character had so much emotional weight to it. It carried a burden that seemed much too heavy for a teenager to carry, but he did perform so well.

Through the portrayal, I learnt a lot and gained new perspectives on life. 2020 has taught us all to be more appreciative of the value of life itself, and this movie continues to do that as well.

The title speaks for itself, and anyone could guess what the plot is. Showcasing a full life lived in a year.

At this juncture, I dare ask this question: what would you do, how would you live if you only had a year left? (This is rhetorical).

I saw true love displayed unlike ever before in a movie. Two strangers who came across each other by fate. An unlikely pair one would never think could fall in love. A prim and proper kid smitten by the wild child. Opposites attract they say, that couldn’t be more true as expressed in the movie.

The value of family, friendship and life itself was very well emphasized. Even parents could learn from it. But where do I even start from with the lessons that could be learned?

First off is kindness. There’s a saying that goes:

“You’ve never truly been kind if you haven’t done something for someone who couldn’t possibly ever repay you” (paraphrased).


Spoiler alert! 🚨

So we see a young man trying his best to do everything that he can for a dying girl that is pretty much alone. He went over and beyond himself, to give her the most that he could. He gave her the memories of a lifetime that could never be forgotten and made her feel loved. How do we make others feel?

I know I haven’t spoken much about the female lead, her name is Cara Delevingne, and she was spectacular in her role. Here she was changing a guy’s worldview, showing him that there was more to life, helping him break outside of his mould, to truly finding himself. She was dying, but she brought out so much life and helped him see all that he could be. Even in her dying breath, she still fought to make his dreams somewhat of a reality. It’ll be unfair to give credit to just one person, for they both showed incredible and exemplary love for each other. A love that defied bounds or reason, but blossomed in a tragically beautiful manner.

Second is the importance of quality friendship. Friends who would support you, and always have your back regardless. Those who would stand by you and weather life’s storms together, not leaving you alone and defenceless. Life gets less lonely that way.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The third is the pursuit of your dreams. Sure, we love to plan, but what about the unpredictable that happen and can’t be done away with? It’s wonderful to organise and have a checklist, ticking off accomplishments in chronological order. What is life without having any tangible milestone achievements? But sometimes, we find ourselves living someone else’s idea of how our lives should be. How about take a break and simply live in the moment. Simply sail off without a map. I know, it sounds crazy, but life’s an adventure to be lived. It’s great to have a bucket list, having things in mind you’d love to do before life ends and this leads me to my next takeaway…

The fourth is living without regrets. If you should go tomorrow, what would you regret not having done? The past is an opportunity long gone, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, all we’re sure of is today, that’s why we call it the present. Do you spend time doing what you love, and with who you love? Remember that today is a gift. There’s so much passion for life stored up on the inside of you to be creatively expressed, so don’t be a robot, be human in every way possible.

My last point is a two in one set: family, and the value of unconditional love (acceptance). No matter how strained family relationships could get, they still matter most, because, at the end of the day, family forgive and stand by you. I’ve always believed that love is acceptance. How do you say you love someone, when you only love them one way, instead of in every way. Do you cherish just a certain outward appearance, or are you more invested in their soul, the content of their body. A lot of times, humans only express a kind of love that is superficial, doesn’t run very deep and is in favour of the container as against the content. How far does your love go? How far would you go? What would you be willing to sacrifice for the sake of love?

A digression from the movie, but not unrelated, I remember the story of an engaged woman who had a fire accident and got disfigured. Everyone said no one would blame the guy if he left and called it quits, it’s understandable if he couldn’t stay, however, he married her. People were astonished and asking how and why? He simply said that what he fell in love with was her soul which was still very much intact. Such a powerful show of love.

I highly recommend this movie as a must-watch. After all, life is a tragic comedy. Amidst sad and happy tears, we find ourselves living in a mixed cocktail of euphoria and despair…

I’d love to hear your feedback after you do, and if you already have, do share your thoughts about the movie in the comment section below.

Merry Christmas 🎄and a Happy New Year 🎊 .

Image credit: Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Life In A Year”

  1. This movie is one of those movies you click on just because , (well at least that was my case)& then you delve deeper into it and realize it’s the best thing you’ve done for yourself!
    I cannot fully express how much weight it caries ,but empaths would know exactly what I’m talking about. So much emphasis on unconditional love, something we all deserve to have. The way Jayden acted in this movie ? Lovely , he did so great. Also, it’s okay to let life be life, you don’t know what tomorrow holds so live today as if it were truly your last day , be loud about the things that matter to you and sometimes it means disappointing those around you. I honestly teared up when Izzy died, it broke my heart even though I knew she was gonna die , and the message she gave on the radio station, love that ,so much depth . This movie is so heartfelt, so profound and I mean it’s really more than just a movie to me. Big ups to the writer/s!🥺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, you have no idea how happy I am to read your comment. You really captured a lot of my thoughts as well. Thanks for sharing them candidly. I’m glad you could resonate with the movie as well. It’s truly one of my faves.


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