Life Lessons

Living vs. Existing

Are you living or just existing?

There’s a great difference between living and merely existing.

We exist only when we simply allow ourselves to drift through life. Doing things without reason or purpose. Instead of choosing to affect others positively or leaving behind a mark. It’s doing things simply because it’s a norm.

In living, we do things deliberately. Each step or activity being done with a purpose, backed up by a set goal or mindset, a reminder to leave landmarks as we pass through life so that in the end, a legacy is felt even much longer after we leave. It’s allowing life to pass through us and let the world at large feel our presence on the earth.

Do you matter?

Science says matter is anything that has weight and occupies space. Do we just want to occupy space on the earth? Or do we want our presence to be felt? To be merely passersby? Game changers rather than spectators in the playing field of life. Watching life merely happening… Or making life happen.

You can choose to be extraordinary, doing things differently, showing the world new ways to do the right things. You can dare to be different, and in doing so, you can be something great.

It’s our prerogative, to bring forth advancement as we walk through life in every area we live in.

A lot of us might be existing as a figurehead, barely adding to the earth’s populace and increasing its living mass present in the galaxy. But we don’t have to just be average or settle for mediocrity when we can do more. It’s a new year, and regardless of how things play out in the grand scheme of life, we can still challenge each other to do more in our own little spaces and corners we occupy.

Guaranteed, not everyone might choose to do these, but we can be among the few that are decisive in living extraordinary lives, choosing to break whatever glass ceiling that might have seemed to peg us down to a certain extent. The glass ceiling effect is a psychological phenomenon that is very real and sets certain perceived or actual limitations to how far people can grow in different circumstances or situations, but we can grow out of it, if we choose to. Making every decision to live a life worthy of recognition is a choice that’s worth every effort.

It’s a personal duty to discover the difference between living and existing. To make the choice each day to live rather than just exist or drift through life.

I hope we all get to make the right choices. In the end, ensure you do whatever floats your boat.

Cheers to making life count a whole lot more this year 🥂 .

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2021.


5 thoughts on “Living vs. Existing”

  1. Well, living a purposeful life is actually the one and only way to live but things somehow actually happens that one may not understand and it mayl take a lot of help to be able to really get one’s bearing. Am only saying not to judge anyone. Help if you can.

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    1. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Truly, some things might happen beyond our control, but for those things within our sphere of control, we shouldn’t lose our reigns of. It’s never my intent to come across as being judgy, sorry if it seems that way. I speak not only to others but to myself as well.

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