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It’s been a minute. I would like to introduce to you my podcast.

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Reflections on The Growth Mindset.

Or, if you would rather read the transcript format, here you go:

Nothing hurts more than trying and failing. Failure is harder to accept and process when you put in maximum effort and tried your absolute best.

It’s easier to say you have nothing to lose when you didn’t put in much effort.

It can feel like falling from a high pedestal or standard that you or others have set for you. Your self-esteem or self-worth might even take a hard hit from what you might count as a loss.

The thing is, such a fall would be harder than where the person initially was, the thoughts would then come; ‘why didn’t I just stay the way I was, I was better off then, this move was a grave and drastic mistake’ and all other discouraging thoughts that could come along. You start to think that at least you were safe, but falling from trying does hurt and bruise a lot worse.

It’s difficult to say I put in everything and still didn’t win, achieve, or succeed at something you wanted. To give your all and end up being rejected, for it not to work out. To lose a challenge, an opportunity, a relationship… Etc.

But I have the mindset to always put in as much effort as I can so I don’t regret things. So at least, I can say that the fact I failed at something, wasn’t because I didn’t try. I always want to be able to say I tried my best.

It’s not a rule of thumb for an effort to always work out. Life’s full of wins and losses but that doesn’t mean we stop trying. We aren’t ever defined by our failures or even our successes, but by who we are and become. Who we grow to be, how we grow through these different processes and experiences. That’s ultimately what counts, not isolated incidents of successes or failures.

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