Thoughts about God

False Hope

False hope is one of the single most excruciatingly painful emotional experiences any human could ever have.

False hope can be likened to heartbreak, it can feel devastatingly suffocating, it can extinguish the light in a person’s mind and plunge their heart into a state of darkness…

Do you find yourself constantly giving second, third and multiple chances to those who keep presenting you with false hopes on diverse fronts?

Know when to cut your losses and sell. It’s more deviant to hang on to false hopes. You learn to avoid wasting more time and resources.

– Dara Nuga

I’d rather not have hope at all than being led into excitement and anticipation, only for it to be false.

The weight of it is soul-crushing. I would think to be used to it by now, be able to play it cool, having become all too familiar with the phenomenon that is called DISILLUSIONMENT.
Still, my heart wants to hope.
What for? I sometimes ask myself.
But then I already know the answer: for man without any form of hope is utterly, and depressingly miserable.

So we comfort ourselves when hope presents itself, as giving meaning to our existence, making us dread the future less, with thoughts of things to look forward to.

For how can we stand the idea of a coming tomorrow, if there’s nothing worth hoping for?…

But are we so caught up in the ideology of a happier destination that we end up pitiful in the present?

Tomorrow is only an if…
If tomorrow comes…
Tomorrow itself isn’t guaranteed, we’re only ever truly assured of the now, the present.

You can plan for a hundred years. But you don’t know what will happen the next moment.

– Neem Karoli Baba

So plan as much as you want, by all means, fill your day and nights with dreams of tomorrow and what the future may hold, but don’t be lost and so engrossed in the later that you forget to seize the now – the joy in the moment

Don’t be a harbinger of false hope. However, don’t also be so disheartened either when it comes your way, for the Bible says:

Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there.

Psalms 146:3 NLT

Scripture reiterates to trust in the Lord and not in self, things or man. For in Christ alone, is authentic hope guaranteed. In Him is no false hope found

While disillusioned by the imperfect realities of our universe, we have this assurance in God – this is our one true safety net.

Love and Grace,
© Zizi 2021❤

P.S – Happy Easter, Happy New Month, and Happy Birthday to me🥰🥂.

Image by Chris Liu on Unsplash

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