In honour of the Father’s day celebration.

The unsung heroes are sadly not as celebrated or recognized as much as mothers. We have numerous mother’s days throughout the year but just one for fathers.

This blog post also does a movie review for the Netflix movie “Fatherhood” starring Kevin Hart in an against-type role. It’s very hard for actors to break out of the mould of typecasting, so I applaud Kevin for taking on such a serious role that’s vastly different from the usual comedic part that he plays.

The genre of the movie is that of a dramedy (drama + comedy). However, when you do watch it, you’d realise that’s it’s more of drama than comedy. This movie came at an apt time, what better way to celebrate Father’s Day weekend than to sit with family and watch this movie together while appreciating once more the invaluable role fathers play in parenting especially single and or widowed fathers.

This movie is based on a true-life story, a certain memoir by Matt Logelin, which makes this all the more real, relatable and down to earth. Knowing that this is not just some made-up work of fiction adds to its sentimental value.

So strap in with me on this journey as we share certain life lessons on fatherhood that can be obtained from this timely piece.

First off, the movie is an emotional rollercoaster. You’d definitely need lots of tissues for the ride, but as much as there are sad tears, there are also happy ones and even laughs along the way.

It’s no news that parenting involves a lot of sacrifices. There’s a saying that it takes a community or village to raise a kid. As such, every parent requires support groups, encouragement, and whatever help they can get from those around them.

Kevin plays Matt Logelin, a newbie father and widower who like every other fresh parent isn’t exactly sure about how to go around their newfound roles. A lot realise that parenting itself is a lifelong learning experience, not something figured out all at once, but discovered on the go and improved upon. It’s like a long-term school they never graduate from even when the kids grow to become adults. A parent’s job is seemingly never done, it simply evolves into different stages, such as one of a counsellor or adviser.

This story also tackles the theme of grief and coping with loss at different levels. For the kid, the parent, and even grandparents. The process of moving on also doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a gradual process over time.

Every parent always aims to do what they think is best for their kids, but Matt demonstrates that in guise, parents might just be doing what’s best for themselves. He also showed a valuable lesson of parents taking into account what their kids truly want, listening to their opinions and hearing what they think, as they’re not mindless robots, but little people, humans with a mind of their own, capable of having complex thoughts. He makes it apparent, the importance of parents considering the feelings of their kids.

Image Source: Quotefancy

Parental love is also seen to be one of the most vulnerable kinds of human emotion and expression. It’s on a whole other level, much deeper than even romantic love. Parents often struggle within themselves and battle with the fear of not knowing if they’re doing a good-enough job, or of always being able to be there for their kids, and place them as the topmost priority of their lives.

I believe parenting is a very delicate and sacred calling, not one to be dreaded, but a privilege, that needs to be entered into with reverence.

In the end, Matt does a good job of breaking self-imposed and societal limits on parenting as a single father. Through his journey, he learnt the importance of not isolating a child but giving room for social growth, trusting his instincts, accepting help from family and friends, as well as allowing himself to learn from his mistakes. All of these helped him in his journey towards great fatherhood.

I celebrate all Fathers out there, especially those that are single and perhaps widowed. Your strength is impeccable and the willingness to break societal norms or the mould of fathers doing the bare minimum for their kids is something that should be acknowledged and celebrated more often, definitely more than once in a year😊.

Happy Father’s Day!!!👨‍👧‍👦.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi, 2021.


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