Life Lessons

A Lesson in Cockiness

Humility will take you a long way in life.

Life Lesson: Don’t get cocky.
When it seems like you’re on top of the world, don’t get cocky.
When it seems like all is going good and you’re unstoppable, don’t get cocky.
The thing with life is; it has a way of humbling a person in unpleasant manners…
Don’t wait to be humbled.

Humility like all other virtues takes lifelong learning to master. It requires us to be conscious and consistently practice the art, otherwise, pride will simply have its way.

Never become so full of yourself. In all that you do, don’t get cocky. Don’t start to feel unstoppable and like you’ve arrived.

For the Bible scholars – you might remember the story of the rich man in the Bible? The minute he exalted himself with his status and achievements, he met his untimely end.

Life seeks to humble a person. The Bible also cautions us to not over-esteem ourselves as better than others or as more than what we are.

Now onto a mundane life experience kind of scenario:

I was playing a game a while back and had a wonderful winning streak for about five rounds straight. At this point, it seemed unbreakable and pride set in. However, the funny thing about the situation was that the very moment I thought so, I lost the game. Why? Because I became full of myself. I laid back reason and strategy and thought it must be pure luck. But then the point where I lost focus and got distracted with how “great” I was at the game, I made silly mistakes and wasted moves instead of being calculating.

This is what cockiness does to a person. The moment pride sets in, luck (or better still ‘grace’) runs out. The two just can’t successfully coexist. It’s a rule of life.

It’s human nature to be prideful of one’s achievements whether great or small and thus it’s a battle against self to not drown in awe of your own perceived “greatness”. In a way, we need to also be careful in the sense that an over-inflated ego might be fueled by an external stimulus in form of praise, admiration or otherwise ‘hype’. In this case, it becomes an extra battle to not let this get to the head and be lost in self.

It’s up to you to get down from that pedestal you or others have mounted and to place God permanently there. The reality of life is whatever you have as possession or achievement is not by your power or worthiness. The ability comes from God, and the glory must be ascribed properly to Him. Remembering that you are not enough in and of yourself to make all of the things in your life happen without a special grace keeps you from having room to exalt yourself.

The Lord honours those who abase themselves and choose to remain humble regardless of their presenting circumstances.

The Bible emphatically says – “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” Prov. 16:18 (AMP).

Let’s not wait to be taught a lesson in humility through life, it might be too painful and costly. Glean from biblical wisdom today.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Love and Grace,

© Zizi, 2021.


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