Cinderella Starring Camila Cabello

Tale as old as time. A fairytale classic with an even modern twist and uptake. 2021 presents yet another version of the cinderella story brought to you by Amazon.

Welcome to another unconventional blog post. I present to you a movie review. I just had to do this one. I only do movie reviews for movies that truly move and inspire me, it’s not a norm. Now back to it.

Image source: Pexels.com

Some have dubbed this movie a little too feministic in its approach. While I’m not all about feminism, I did like the message the movie tried to pass across and how the whole storyline played out.

You know they say never to judge a book by its cover or make unnecessary assumptions, I had watched the trailer of this movie, and at first, I was intrigued by it, then a bit put off as it seemed the story might not have such a great ending. While the ending was not as expected, it was much better. Even till the very last minutes, I wasn’t sure how the story was going to end.

I loved how it kept me on my toes in anticipation of what sort of ending the writers were trying to create but I’m glad I was patient and took my time to watch every part of the movie. I had also initially been discouraged from watching because as I often do, I had checked out reviews from critics and it wasn’t that great.

I recommend this Cinderella movie version for every fairy tale lover. You’re sure to love it almost as much as I have. From the music to the comedy, to the subtle deep moments. It’s a total package of entertainment.

This version of the classic story stars Camila Cabello as the lead female playing the titular iconic Disney princess. However, she’s referred to as just Ella rather than Cinderella and here, we’re reminded that Ella is her actual name while Cinder which means dirt was added because of the state of her living situation under her stepmother.

We see a young woman with big dreams who isn’t letting her circumstances or society discourage her from the pursuit of her ambition.

Do you ask if there’s any love or romance? Yes, there is! Of course, the prince comes along. However, when it came to choosing between her dreams and a man, she chose herself and that’s a decision that I applaud her for. I know we always talk about how love involves sacrifice, but sacrificing yourself for love often brings forth regrets and resentment further down the road.

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I believe love works best between two people whose lives align not in terms of knowledge, status or wealth but terms of their values, goals and long-term plans for their lives. One thing I love about this Amazon original movie is how much more realistic it tries to be despite being based on a fairytale. It’s great to be in love and enjoy the feeling in the spur of the romantic moments but those won’t sustain in the hard times when you wake up one day and wonder where you lost yourself.

Cinderella was self-aware enough to know the future she wanted and the picture the prince painted weren’t in alignment and despite having feelings for each other, it was best to not act on it at that moment.

Image source: Shutterstock.com

Now here’s a major spoiler. If you’ve not watched the movie yet, I suggest you stop reading this blog post and go watch it now.

In the end, the prince was mature enough to respect her decision and life choices. Honestly, the right person for you seeks to help you flourish and blossom. Later on, after having much introspection, they both were able to see that they indeed wanted similar things out of life and could be together.

Now, that’s on not being selfish, because love isn’t selfish. It seeks the good of the other but not at the cost or detriment of oneself… A couple is two people who have each chosen themselves as individuals before choosing to be an us, we. Until a couple can be in such agreement, instead of we>I, it’ll be I>we.

Life’s principle is that you can only love or accept another when you’ve first learned how to love and accept yourself, else you’ll be drifting in life according to another person’s life program and standards. It’s also why knowing yourself first and figuring out your own identity is highly paramount before joining yourself to another as only when you’ve at least figured out yourself to an extent can you know who’s ideal or what kind of partner would fit into your life.

Sometimes people say it’s a bit difficult to figure out what they want out of life. I say it’s pretty easy. You can simply start by identifying the things that you don’t want. By doing that, you’re able to quickly narrow down things towards identifying the kind of life that you do want.

Decide what kind of life you actually want, then say no to everything which isn’t that.


A lot of people ignore life compatibility chasing flames of romance that are known to fizzle out quickly. Passion is important but beyond that are equally vital stuff, both are great not one over the other, it shouldn’t be having to choose, both factors should be present for things to work out well, even then challenges may still present themselves, but it’s more manageable when there’s love, mutual understanding and agreement.

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I loved that in the end, none was sacrificing their life or wants for the other. They each agreed about how their plans fit into each other. I’ve seen a lot of couples who’ve sacrificed huge parts of themselves only for it to come to bite them back later on in life.

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Before this movie, I only vaguely knew who Camila Cabello is as a singer. I was familiar with a few of her tracks, nothing more but I was very impressed with her vocal prowess in this musical. The girl can sing! She’s got bars I’ve got to give it to her. This being her acting debut, it was a great performance on her part. She wrote and performed an original song “Million to One” for the movie. It’s really deep and inspiring, you should give it a listen. You can check it out on YouTube at the link below. Enjoy!


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