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Core Values and How they Shape our Lives.

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What are Core Values?

They’re the guiding principles influencing our everyday decisions. They predominantly determine how we pattern our actions.

They can range anything from family to love, friendship, freedom, personal growth, etcetera. The sooner one figures out what these are, the sooner one can live by them.

Your core values are personal and aren’t something to be copied exactly. It’s up to an individual to do an inward deep-dive and then find out what’s most important to them.

Once these words are discovered, you can then plan your life around them, so that whenever you have to take any action or make a decision whatsoever you first think: is this in line with my core values? Then you adjust accordingly refusing to compromise these values for anything and saying no to such things that would want to force you to do otherwise.

There is no limit to the number of things that could be core values to a person. However, whatever the total number, it’s ideal to have a set of about three values. These are meant to be the unbendable rules that you’ve set for yourself and would abide by.

By a person’s actions, you can easily tell what their values are. Our values not only directly affect us, but they indirectly impact those deeply attached to us and how we interact with them or place them in our lives. We show what value others hold to us by how we treat them and vice-versa. Hence, it’s easy to know how we in turn are valued and how to act in return accordingly.

Upholding Core Values

Humans are known by their value system. It’s a given. There would be times when we would have to pay a price to uphold these values.

Would we be willing to? Or would we find ourselves simply bending over backwards every time our values are tested? The thing with constantly bending over backwards is that you could bend so far that you lose sight of your identity.

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Our values make us who we are.

Do we live by our values, and are we known by them?

Here’s something you should know and take note of: You lose a piece of yourself every time you compromise your core values. Throwing away your values brings regret and resentment in the long run even when your original intent was just to please people in the short term.

If you do not determine what your values are, others will do that for you and thus decide on what your every move should be.

Knowing your values and making choices that reflect these values help to improve your overall satisfaction with life. Boosting your morale and self-respect.

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These values can be a sort of life compass ensuring that we stay true to who we are.

Core Values can be Dynamic

Having said that core values should be uncompromising, there might be situations where they would have to become flexible for the collective greater good.

The thing with core values is that they may not always remain static. They could adapt as we grow or experience major life changes or get involved with new and different commitments.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but the most important thing here is that we should evaluate over time, how our values change with our development to ensure we’re on the right path to becoming the best version of ourselves.

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