The Princess

Hello world!

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It feels like I’ve been hibernating for months on end. Here’s me coming out of my shell to give you a little something.

As I occasionally do, this isn’t one of my more traditional types of blog posts, you might have already guessed it from the title and cover image, and yes you’re right. Welcome to another movie review from yours truly.

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Today, I give you ‘The Princess’ brought to your screens by the streaming platform: Hulu. I won’t be giving any spoilers so that those of you who haven’t watched it yet, can get to enjoy it.

This movie is still very fresh as it only just came out a few days ago. I read the description and even watched the trailer, but I was intrigued albeit sceptical about it. It stars Joey King as the titular character and lead role. I’ve known her as far back as the days of Ramona and Beezus, she was a child actor then, and I got to watch her grow to play the lead in Netflix’s ‘The Kissing Booth’ film series. Her latest character, however, strikes me as the most mature and challenging one yet, and while I had initial doubts about pulling off a lead-action role seamlessly, I must say that her performance was quite impressive especially after discovering she carried out a lot of her stunts – talk about a girl boss.

Photo by Nicola Styles on Unsplash

One would think an epic story like this would follow the usual fairytale tropes, but far from it. This movie is aimed at female empowerment and taking down the patriarchy. In medieval times, men are often the heirs to the throne and subsequently the kingdom while royal females are just married off. Our girl challenged that norm. Another trope it discarded is the damsel in distress situation, and am I so glad to see a woman fight and stand up for herself.

Honestly, Joey King’s princess has been likened to many other Disney princesses from Tangled’s Rapunzel, due to her long hair and tower-like situation, to Frozen’s Elsa for being such a badass and a great big sister, to even Brave’s Merida for her flaming red hair and warrior skills.

It’s sad to see that even in modern times, some still see female children as less important and deemed unworthy to inherit family conglomerates. I would love to see more portrayals of fathers being humbled such as the King from this movie when his daughter practically saved the kingdom. That moment alone was more than satisfying.

Overall, I liked her never-quit, never-tired, relentless fighting spirit. She truly had the heart of a warrior; one that’s filled with patience and focus. She knew exactly what she was fighting for and exuded the intelligence needed to accompany it.

These are simply my personal opinions, do let me know in the comment section your thoughts so far.

Photo from Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “The Princess”

  1. Wow ! The theme and actions are very apt for the times we are in now. The female child is equally a very good asset which we tradition generally overlooked before now.
    Thanks for the concise review.

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