Life Lessons

An Entrepreneurship Guide for Teens and Young Adults

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Owning a business at a young age has many benefits. You can turn something you love into a lucrative venture now and learn lessons along the way to help you hone your entrepreneurial skills. Consider this brief guide from Life Lessons With Zizi to help you get started and launch your first business.

Simple Starter Business Ideas

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The first step in starting your own business is figuring out what you want to do. Think about the skills you have and how you can monetize them. For example, do you usually do lawn care for your parents during the summer? Start a lawn care business. Make fliers and post them around your neighbourhood. Once you get a few clients, people will start to spread your services by mouth.

Do you like dogs? You could advertise a dog walking business in the community or offer to housesit for a nightly fee. Talk to your neighbours about the kind of community services they could use and see if there is something you could provide. 

If you’re crafty, sell your products online or at a local flea market. If you have a special interest, share it on the internet. You can create a vlog doing reviews of products about your interest or unboxings to show the new items you got. You don’t have to narrow it down to just one choice. Do as many as you want.

Benefits of Owning a Business While Young

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Research shows that starting an online business as a teenager has many benefits, including minimal start-up and overhead costs. You also learn some important skills that you can carry on into the rest of your business ventures in life. For example, you’ll learn about marketing, managing finances, business structuring, and investment risk without losing too much along the way. You may find you have a knack for certain aspects of business that you could turn into a lucrative profession, speeding up your journey to self-actualization and gaining the knowledge you need to create a lucrative business in the future. 

Best Business Practices

Once you have your business up and running, make sure you have a plan ready to increase your chances of success. For example, a properly written business plan should include information about your company and products or services, how you plan to structure your business, and what you plan to do for funding. As a new entrepreneur, you should consider registering as an LLC. There are more steps involved in getting a business off the ground, so look for more ways to start a new company here.

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A critical component of any business plan is creating a marketing strategy. You can start with a visual brand that makes your company instantly recognizable, standing out amongst the competition. Don’t worry about paying a graphic designer to create a logo. You can do it online using a logo maker that allows you to customize the image to your specifications. You can adjust the colours, font, and text. Then you can use that logo as the profile image for all your social media pages, creating a brand for your company.

As you start the process of creating your own business, remember to allow yourself to make mistakes. Life is about learning lessons, and learning them while you’re young is the best-case scenario. Ideally, your business would take off, but if you have to struggle to get it just right, that’s just part of the process leading to success. 

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