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Understanding The Unchanging Nature of God

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The steadfastness of His love, His immovable character, faithful to His conditional promises.

You must choose to do what God has clearly told you to do. He’s laid it out in His Word. He said, “I will do this, the promise, if you will obey the premise.”
– Rick Warren

Christ is the anchor that holds our souls in the raging storms of life.

Those fierce storms that threaten to pull us under, to weigh us down, to drown us in the ocean of life, to bring us to a state of oblivion.

Christ is the anchor that keeps us afloat.

Oh! He keeps us above board, our heads above the water, keeping us steady, holding us firmly, His hands never letting go, His love unflinching, unrelenting.

The one thing we can trust in an ever changing world, is an Unchanging God.

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Life Lessons

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Thoughts about God

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Life Lessons

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Love and Life


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