Life Lessons

Endless Unknown Possibilities…

The singular thought that weighs the soul down in time of grief... The mind boggling thoughts of uncertainties, what ifs, unanswered questions. Really, questions you'd never know the answers to. You find yourself going back in time, rewinding time in your mind, trying to picture alternate possibilities and realities... Wondering... Pondering... Until you find yourself… Continue reading Endless Unknown Possibilities…

Thoughts about God

Be A Worshipper and not a Worrier

Why worry? Why fret? The creator of the universe watches over you constantly. He neither slumbers nor sleeps. Why worry about anything that's outside of your sphere of control or circle of influence? Leave that to the one who sees beyond you. Far ahead and beyond. Cast your cares, anxiety, worries and burdens on him.… Continue reading Be A Worshipper and not a Worrier