The Princess

Hello world! Photo by Vladislav Klapin on Unsplash It feels like I've been hibernating for months on end. Here's me coming out of my shell to give you a little something. As I occasionally do, this isn't one of my more traditional types of blog posts, you might have already guessed it from the title… Continue reading The Princess


Cinderella Starring Camila Cabello

Tale as old as time. A fairytale classic with an even modern twist and uptake. 2021 presents yet another version of the cinderella story brought to you by Amazon. Welcome to another unconventional blog post. I present to you a movie review. I just had to do this one. I only do movie reviews for… Continue reading Cinderella Starring Camila Cabello



In honour of the Father's day celebration. The unsung heroes are sadly not as celebrated or recognized as much as mothers. We have numerous mother's days throughout the year but just one for fathers. This blog post also does a movie review for the Netflix movie "Fatherhood" starring Kevin Hart in an against-type role. It's… Continue reading Fatherhood