Love Lessons

Love is Sacrifice

This is the third and final post I’ll be writing in the love lessons category on the blog. To read the previous posts, click here. Now to the main gist. You might have heard and perhaps read previous articles on how love is sacrifice, or rather the sacrifice that love is. But before I delve […]

Love is Sacrifice

Is it too late to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day? I hope not🥰.

I believe love should never go out of season. It’s a phenomenon that’s meant to be nonseasonal😁.

I have a podcast entry on the sacrifice of love, you can read the transcript format in the blog post linked above, or listen via this link below:

Sacrifice of Love – Podcast Episode

Happy reading or listening.

Remember, true love pursues you daily, it’s never a one-day affair. Celebrate love every day.

Stay loved and loving,


7 thoughts on “Love is Sacrifice”

  1. Yes ooo. Reciprocity is the watch word in the world of true love and value should not be ignored either. Good write up . Looking forward to the next piece.

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