Love and Life

Content With Doing the Barest Minimum

Are you?

Content with doing the barest minimum?

With doing just enough to get by?

Can you live by that?

Or would you rather go the extra mile?

Why do you do what you do?

Whose applause and approval do you seek?

For the applause and approval of one…

Would you still do what you do if no one approved or applauded?

Who do you aim to please or satisfy?

What distinguishes excellence from mediocrity is the extra effort.

In whatever endeavors you engage, what mindset do you set out with to accomplish your goals?

If you simply couldn’t be bothered, what then do you bother and care for?

Is your aim merely to survive or thrive?

Living vs merely Existing.

Do you know the difference?

Would you rather be exceptional than ordinary?

The above questions are just some to keep us thoughtful, and do a deep dive.

Have a moment of personal reflection.

A period of objective soul searching.

Thoughtful introspection.

Food for thoughts… If I may, I hope the answers you find push you to become a better version of yourself.

Love and Grace,



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