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Staying True to Self

I had a conversation with a friend recently, and it was quite insightful.

She has inspired me more than once and I started to have some deep personal questions after our talk. The things she told me about herself sparked some similarities within my own heart. It felt wonderful to know that I wasn’t alone. There was a friend whose thoughts resonated with mine and that in itself, was quite comforting. Knowing there was someone who shared my world and space, my thought bubble…


In recent times, I’d find myself loosing track of time. “It’s like time keeps slipping away from me. Everyday, it feels like I’m running a race against time, and I think that I might be losing.”

These were the thoughts that boggled my mind for a while. It led me to an inquiry and some self-discovery.

Inquiry – Thoughtful Insightful Introspection

It made me realize some things that I found to be personally true; “I barely have time to do me, to do the things that truly, really matter to me. To be my complete and utter, rather utmost self.” This discovery for me was a no no, I found it unacceptable. You might have heard me say this repeatedly but still I’d say it again; as part of my core values, I’m a huge proponent of balance and chaotic order is a no for me.

Chaotic order: It’s the biggest lie; the deception of a ‘working’ system that’s obviously not working favourably.

More thoughts come, and I begin to wonder to myself,

What makes life matter to us?

Now this might be rhetoric and individualised, but I found two answers that are general and can actually be wrapped up as one:

  1. Doing what we love.
  2. Spending time with who we love.

A one answer summary would be:

  • Doing what we love, with who we love.

I’m discovering that, living a life that counts and is satisfactory in every waking moment requires us fulfilling the above prerequisites 👆.

Time, like I’ve said before, is the currency of life. It’s the standard by which we measure the value of our lives. Time lost, is a part of our lives lost.


What then would I proffer as a remedy?

My answer is: To daily schedule some “me time” where you can unwind, reflect, meditate and just do you. A period and space in time to be yourself. That way life doesn’t become a blur, just days passing by in a routinely boring manner.

Fixate on a hobby; doing something that brings you joy and pleasure.

That way, we do not just go through life loosing bits and pieces of our “self”.

That feeling of “losing time” and touch with reality, is a sense of losing self, a part of our lives that’s irreplaceable. For time lost couldn’t possibly be regained.

Holding on to the bits and pieces of ourselves, the parts that make us who we are, requires us making deliberate and conscious efforts, attempts to stay true to self.

Striving each day, to be our utmost and best selves.

Daily discover more… On this life long journey of self.

Remember to live the life you love, and also importantly, love the life that you live.

Have any questions you want to ask me? Things you would like me to write about, or personal comments you’d rather share privately? Then feel free to email me at I’d do my best to respond promptly.

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Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2020

9 thoughts on “Staying True to Self”

  1. This lost resonated a lot with me!
    Time seems to fly soooo much and it makes me so confused and anxious, especially last year.
    Looking to more proactive and intentional, put not pressure-filled moments and days in this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice write up Zizi! Insightful! I use to do this sometime in the past and it helped. Now I’m “doing me everywhere I am and go”, trying to make every where my personal space.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks bestie. Wow I love what you doing. Making everywhere your personal space, that’s really cool👌. Being yourself everywhere and in every moment. That’s really good. That’s the utmost in staying true to self, being original. But what if the environment you’re in doesn’t allow or permit that, do you leave or persist against all odds, fighting battles for sanity?


      1. “Doing me everywhere” shouldn’t be a battle. I don’t encourage radical behaviors. Please be responsible at all times. Just be mature about it.
        it’s about letting others see your values and what you value. Some will like it, others won’t. Those you can win over win, those you can’t let them be. Be considerate of others but don’t lose yourself in the process.

        Liked by 1 person

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