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A Lesson in Misdirection… Leads to a Redirection

It was a beautiful Saturday morning when I learnt this lesson.

I had an experience and encounter that day when God dropped the above phrase in my spirit.

That blessed day, I went for an outreach but got to the wrong venue.

Everything looked right, like the real deal. The setup, the environment, the people, even the dress code.

So I sat, trying to conform without asking pertinent questions. I was there for about an hour before my brain finally clicked and I was ticked off to the fact that I was in the wrong place, that I didn’t quite fit in.

By their talk and conversations, I knew something was wrong. So I did the belated thing, which was to immediately start asking relevant questions until I was now 100% sure and certified that I was at the wrong event.

Thankfully, I was redirected to the right place which was just opposite where I was.

On getting there, this time I checked all the boxes and confirmed the event and people. I waited till things got familiar, till the puzzle pieces fit and then I comfortably settled down.

Unfortunately, the new place was way less appealing and the environment disgusting. I found my body system upset by this sudden change, and it reacted. My body didn’t quite adjust or absorb the new circumstances especially considering the better environment I was coming from.

I had come with baggage (preconceived ideas and notions, past history…) and so I had to go back there, to empty myself in the restroom (empty myself of my past and baggages), and then I was finally able to settle and enjoy the new thing.

A new thing which didn’t start off so great, one I didn’t expect much from, but things got sweeter and better as the day progressed, and at the end, I was pleasantly surprised by the rewards…

In the end, that which didn’t seem good, was better for me.

A lesson in Misdirection is an opportunity for a Redirection.

– Zizi

In life, we learn that we occasionally do need to empty ourselves of our past, to be truly and fully free. To leave the past in the past, to not carry it into the future, as the baggage won’t let you enjoy your new and present reality. Even if the starting isn’t great, trust that it will bring forth a rewarding end.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2020.

Have you ever experienced such turn of events before? What was it like for you? Do share in the comments section below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


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