Life Lessons

The Enlightened Mind

Knowledge they say is power.
But what’s the point of it?
Of knowing?

There’s a world of difference between knowing and doing.
Knowledge and Implementation,
Information and Execution.

I made a weird discovery a while back. It was sort of like a eureka moment for me.

You can’t know how to use what you don’t know that you have.– Zizi.

This was a core lesson and truth for me.

On the path to enlightenment, there are 3 stages or steps.

  • Knowledge (Information)
  • Understanding (Insight)
  • Application (Implementation)

How did I come about this? Cool story.

Know how life is a continuous learning experience in which we keep discovering new things daily?

It turns out I’d been wondering for a while how people posted other people’s WhatsApp statuses especially videos directly. Asked around for the app and was told to go download one. Though I saw a myriad of options and didn’t even know if I’d downloaded the right one.

However, one day while aimlessly scrolling through my phone, I saw the app, the right one that is. It was already embedded into my phone and configured right from the manufacturing factory. Can you believe it? Inbuilt! And I had absolutely no idea I had it with me all along to do with it, what I saw others doing and desired to do.

All the while, I had what I needed but was ignorant and as such, unknowingly denied myself access and use of the app for such a long time.

The Bible says:
My people perish for lack of knowledge…
– Old Testament
I have given you all that pertains to life and godliness…
-New Testament
The second quote from the new testament (2 Pet. 1:3 paraphrased) essentially means that everything we’ll ever need to function fully as human beings, for the purpose for which we were created, has already been deposited within us. All we need do is look within, dig deep and exhume the wealth of God-deposits.

Like I earlier highlighted, the first step to enlightenment is knowledge. Acquisition of relevant information. But knowing isn’t the end, but a means to an end. It isn’t power in and of itself, but grants access to it, pushing you a step closer, in position to attain true power.

Gaining insights and revelation, key and poignant understanding are where power truly lies, and being able to act upon it, execute, do, and implement said information that’s been properly understood, gives vast benefits and rewards – the enlightened mind.

Looking back at how this whole story started; I was looking to download what I already had but didn’t know I did. It was quite a laughable moment for me.

My tribe would say:
What you went to look for in sokoto (a place) is already in your sokoto (your pockets).

Wisdom is the application of knowledge. For what benefit or use is knowledge not applied, and how can you apply if you do not understand it?

The Bible says – “Get wisdom, and in all your getting, get understanding”.

Understanding is the key here. The central point, for you can only apply what you not just know, but what you know how to do.

  • Knowledge – What
  • Understanding – How
  • Wisdom – When

The process of all learning begins with asking the relevant questions (why, who, what, why, when and how). These lead to the right answers.

I, therefore, pray for wisdom to know the right thing, direction to know how to do the right thing, and strength to actually do the right thing.

You can pray it too.

I wish you well on your learning adventure, as you discover new and amazing things.

Love and Grace,

© Zizi 2020.


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